when dumb things bother me

Which i suppose makes me dumb for letting them bother me.

But my latest is the “i” on “inbox” in Gmail. It used to be a capital I, yesterday it changed to a small i and it’s been bothering me ever since. It just looks odd.


it even has a little i in the toolbar down the bottom



In more exciting news, the temperature is meant to be 30 degrees today. I’m very much brimming with happiness over that fact.


edit: I checked my other gmail account and it seems that it is okay, very strange. I’ve had other people say that theirs has gone to the little i as well. In fact, I was just alerted to this thread here, LMAO at people thinking it’s a virus!!!!!


ps – currently listening to Involver by Sasha and I must say this is one of my favourite albums EVER!


~ by Fen on April 1, 2009.

8 Responses to “when dumb things bother me”

  1. Extremely well set up.

  2. vot is well set up? huh huh

  3. April 01! Don’t tell me it is true? I never tell the truth on April 01 and guess who I just caught out.

  4. but it happened yesterday, not today!! *shrugs* I dunno whether it is, but if it is they cheated by doing it a day early. I’m always an April fool, it is my birthday in April after all 🙂

  5. I like the little “i” though 🙂

  6. yeah coz you’re an apple freak nettsu!

  7. I have the little ‘i’ as well! I thought I was going nuts at first, then on closer inspection, nope, only the ‘i’ had gone lower case.Worry not Fenz, it annoyed the bajeezus out of me too.And Google say they do no evil….ha!

  8. My apologies. Seems it is true. Post about it on Grodscorp.

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