stormy weather (take 2)

So I wrote a big update last night and just as I was about to hit that publish button, Tamika decided she wanted cuddles and sat on the keyboard and somehow completely deleted my entire post as well as my ability to ‘undo’ her delete. Just as I realised that my draft would be intact, the autosave kicked in and saved me the blank copy! Curses. So this is the Saturday version of my Friday night post.

I only had a half day at Palliative Care yesterday and was due to leave around midday. Just as the first storm blew through. So instead I had lunch with Brigid and collected some stuff I’d fired in the kiln and waited for it to clear up again. According to the paper later on, the International Flower and Garden Show was hit by lightning, so I’m glad I didn’t head off in that torrent, as I ride almost through there on my way home!

About an hour later I wheeled my bike out of the cage and dismissed the nagging voice that told me to put my lights back on. It seemed fine enough. As I cycled up Canning Street it got darker and started to spit, so as I rode I fished around in my backpack and found my front light and attached it and turned it on. Then as I got to Park St I could see lightning and the spitting got a bit more insistent. So the next time I stopped, on the Upfield Bike Path, I put my rear light on and switched it on. Not a moment too soon either, the heavens opened up and mother nature let rip for the second time that day. Within 5 seconds I was soaked to the bone, my bare arms and face stinging from the rain, me barely able to see in front of my bike wheel!! I passed a girl on a bike coming in the opposite direction and we grinned inanely at each other, like two drowned rag dolls on bikes! Within another 5 minutes I was home, water streaming off me. I grabbed a towel and ran upstairs to my balcony to watch the rest of the storm unfold. It was lovely and spectacular and the rain, oh the sweet sweet rain was torrential.

I really need to invest in some wet weather gear for winter. I know it’s not going to rain like that very often, but it would still be nice to have some clothing that protects me a bit better than a t-shirt!

Today my sister and her boyfriend picked me up and we went to my Aunt & Uncles for lunch. Our Nan was also there, staying the weekend, so it was a great opportunity for all of us to catch up. El had Zarli (her dog) with her and my Aunt has recently adopted a cute puppy, as well as having her other two (one of which has been on his last legs for so very long now, bless him). They had a ball outside while we ate, then we all went out and chatted and laughed at the kids and the dogs. Afterwards my Aunt drove me home and my Nan finally saw my place, after nearly 2 years of me living here!!

Now I should be doing homework, but i’m trying to decide what to have for dinner and secretly warming myself by my heater. Damn chilly weather.


~ by Fen on April 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “stormy weather (take 2)”

  1. Yeah, get a breathable lightweight raincoat and think about some neoprene booties to keep your shoes dry. Weigh little and don’t take much space in a backpack. Daggy, I know, but I hate getting wet feet when cycling and squelching mankily when peddling.

  2. i can’t find anything i am confident with jacket wise. Any recommendations?

  3. Whoops, sorry I forgot to come back. I’m not sure because mine is an old Netti jacket but something like this looks good.

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