I was looking after a patient in his 90’s who’s suffering from dementia today.

I helped the nurse get him back into bed, then she asked him if he could roll over so she could dress the sore on his bottom. “What?” he says, “she wants to look at my sausage? Well she’s a goer that one!”

I had to bite my tongue not to burst out laughing.

Then later he told me about the little women who came in regularly to sit on him. Bless him and his hallucinations.

~ by Fen on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “*giggles*”

  1. Poor bugger…but at least he’s not saying horribly embarrassing (well, relatively speaking) things, and is hilarious into the bargain! Kinda cute, but not, because it’s not of his own volition, which makes it sad. :-SEmma.

  2. Em – he has moments of lucidity where you can carry out a reasonable conversation with him. He can also be quite nasty at times, but that’s to be expected with dementia.

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