I’m a big fan of technology, I’m on faceache, twitter, msn (occassionally) and use skype. Mobile phones are great too. It’s all been wonderful for keeping in contact with my friends overseas or those people who get up earlier in the day than I do.

HOWEVER… it’s all so impersonal. Yesterday, being my birthday, I had a grand total of TWO people actually take the time to RING me. Sure I had lots of text messages and facebook messages, but TWO people rang me! WTF. Even my Dad sent me a text message. I think it’s a sad indictment on this world when people can’t even be bothered making an effort to ring someone for their birthday. It doesn’t have to be a long rambling phone call, 2 minutes would suffice. I always try to ring, or at least leave a voicemail. No wonder people feel so lonely these days.

I’ve discussed this with friends before today and they’ve said the same thing. Technology is great, but it means not many people bother with the personal touch these days. I think that is depressing.

Anywho, I had a lovely dinner with Anna & Harvey and fell into bed all full of good food, good wine and delish chocolate cake. Today I have to get back to reality and my clinical placement. *sigh*


~ by Fen on April 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “technology”

  1. Happy belated birthday, fellow April girl *hugs*.Yeah, it’s one of those instances a phone call is more personal than a text message — just because we have all the modern tools doesn’t mean we use them on traditionally special days.

  2. I agree with you! I love it and hate it at the same time. Whatever happened to handing people paper invites to events? Or posting them in the mail? I hate being only invited to things on facebook and no-where else, it’s so annoying. I’ve also found out about deaths, engagements etc on facebook and I’ve been smsed by family about family deaths!!And we Taurean’s are awesome.xox

  3. Happy (late) birthday! I would have rung, but hey, I don’t know your number. ;o)I must admit I don’t have technofear, I have technojoy. But yes, technology aids in many things – including the excuse to be lazy. That’s what birthday greetings via tech are really. Remember the good old days when you got handwritten cards in the mail?Did I just sound really old then?Hmmmm…..

  4. cranky – thanks, yours is coming up next! It's all about tradition I think, bugger this modern rubbish!tanya – I'm an Aries, but yes, Taureans aren't bad. Some of my friends aren't on facebook & they never seem to get invites to anything, coz they're all done online :(dave – thanks. I don't fear technology, in fact i'm a bit of a geek. But I'm also old fashioned and like cards and hearing people's voices occasionally! And yes, you sound OLD! 😉

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