jolly good

I just turned on the tv in my room, where I am sat in my beanbag and the Cadbury chocolate ad just came on, with the kids with the dancing eyebrows! WTF!!! That’s freaky and creepy and damn funny! Ha ha ha!

Does anyone remember the techno bear clip that came out years and years ago via email? I’m currently searching for it on you tube after Lauren reminded me of it the other day. Can’t seem to find it, but boy that bear made me laugh. It was just some bear suited person in sunnies, rockin’ it out to a tech tune, if I saw it now I’d probably roll my eyes! ha ha ha!

I was sitting with an elderly patient on Saturday, trying to keep her calm. She’d been admitted from her nursing home and absolutely hated being in the hospital. Any chance she got she was trying her best to get out of bed, shouting at the top of her lungs that she wanted to leave. So I went and held her hand and talked to her. We are born weak and helpless, wearing nappies, and often we end up the same way at the end of our lives. Looking after her was just like looking after a small child. She was over tired and fighting sleep, so I’d tell her to close her eyes for a bit and relax. She’d start to fall asleep then wake up again and grizzle some more. Eventually after about an hour she finally started snoring and the ward was quiet again. I put on an audiobook to keep her company, the chattering of the person reading kept her happy enough so that I could slip out of the room and see my other patients. Bless her.

The weather was divine today, I sat on the balcony in the sun with Tamika moo and relaxed all day. Back to uni this week, so I was determined to enjoy my day off!

~ by Fen on April 21, 2009.

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