ANZAC weekend

As always I was glad for the weekend to arrive. My weeks are so busy now I feel like I’m going to sleep all weekend by Friday night. We’ve had quite a few patients die in the last 2 weeks, one of our long termers died on Friday morning. I was glad she was finally at peace, but it’s going to be weird to not see her & her family around anymore.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sounds of the Last Post being played over the radio courtesy of the Anzac Day dawn service that was being broadcast on 774. I quite often fall asleep with the radio on, if it’s not the radio then it’s my ipod. Dead silence is not conducive to sleep for me as I have quite severe tinnutis after all those years of loud music and dance parties. So I semi woke up and listened to the service, then went back to sleep again.

Later on I wandered up Sydney Road in the ever increasing wind and dropped by the bike shop to pick up a wet weather jacket, as the forecast is for lots of rain and cold this coming week. Then I went to go to Kmart, but for some strange reason they’d decided to open an HOUR after everyone else in the centre and Sydney Rd. So I had to stand outside and wait the 10 mins til it opened, with some oddballs and ninnies.


Ok I’m bored with this update, I just saw what’s under Matt Lee’s hat and yes he has hair.

I’ve done nothing all day today, it’s been freezing and blowing a gale all day, with intermittent showers scudding through. We’ve not had that much rain which is disappointing. I really need to get out and do grocery shopping, but I didn’t want to step out in that rubbish!! I did however clean my room and put all new whatsits on my bed. Sheets and doona cover etc.

Could this update be any more boring…sorry I don’t have anything interesting to say. *yawn*

Oh, I am happy Talia won So You Think You Can Dance, I tipped her to win way back in February when I was staying at my sister’s house, must have been one of the first episodes. I so very easily get sucked into reality tv shows. Coz I’m such a wonderful recluse. Ugh I so wish I had the money to live by myself again, I miss it immensely. There’s nothing worse than having some quality alone time only to be interrupted by a flatmate and his annoying giggly girlfriend. No, sorry, I don’t want to socialise with you, I was quite happy with my own company thank you very much, bye.

~ by Fen on April 26, 2009.

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