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I do love reading the paper online, mainly because I’m too lazy to hunt down an actual paper every day. However the person/people who do the proof reading obviously get a bit lazy, as can be seen by the following screen cap. I find this happens often, with glaring spelling mistakes and sentences that just don’t make sense.


Oh and violence is disgusting & I hope they find this woman and shove her cigarettes (lit) up her bum hole. 😉

In other news, it got down to 6 degrees last night and it’s currently 9. I’m leaving in an hour to ride to uni, so I’d want double figures by then please! Might have to drag out my rasta looking leg warmers!!! Yay Wintery weather.

~ by Fen on April 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “online media”

  1. Proofreaders don’t actually exist anymore. It all gets done by the sub-eds, who don’t necessarily have adequate skills for the job…and, obviously, you know how that ends! ;-)Shits me up the bloody wall! Em.

  2. aah well they need to fire their sub eds or give them engrish lessons!!

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