I had my first proper accident on my bike yesterday. By proper I mean not caused by me being stupid etc.

I was riding my usual route to placement and as I turned over some tram tracks my front wheel slid out from under me and I landed heavily on my right side. My wheel didn’t actually get stuck in the track, it had been foggy and I think the metal was a bit damp and therefore slippery. I’ve crossed those tracks loads of times before, I guess the right circumstances presented themselves to land me on my clacker.

I swore loudly and picked myself up. I’d fallen off right in front of a tram stop and ONE person came to see if I was ok. So thank you lovely man, I really appreciate you taking the time to see that I hadn’t broken myself or my bike. To the rest of you who stood gawking at me, I hope someday you fall and hurt yourself and that no one bats an eyelid.

Once I had regained my composure and swallowed my pride, I hopped back on the bike and wobbled to uni where I get changed. By this stage my right hand had swollen considerably around the base of my thumb and hot tears sprang to my eyes as I tried to dress myself for work. By the time I got to St V’s my hand looked rather hideous and I was quite upset. I tearily showed the doctors on my level and after a cup of tea they made me go down to emergency for xrays. Nothing broken, hand strapped and ice pack in place, I continued my day. I even rode home at night, semi one handed, which is quite difficult.

Today I feel like I’ve swapped bodies with a 120 year old. I ache like I’ve been kicked half to death and my right arm is pretty useless. I’m going to the doctors soon to get a medical certificate, as i’m supposed to be at uni handing in an essay today. To be honest, if I could have stayed in bed I would have!! I’ve also got a whopper of a tram track bruise across my arse and hip.

I am very thankful I haven’t broken anything on myself or my bike, things could have been so much worse.


~ by Fen on May 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “bingle”

  1. What wars you are in of late poor Fenz. I saw a motorbike do the same once. All these beer cans fell out of his panier? and rolled down the hill.

  2. Oh, noze! Big hugs to you. Evil tram tracks *smacks tram tracks*.

  3. oh no!! hope your hand gets better soon… its so frustrating feeling sore and like a 120year old.. stay in bed i say!! milk it 🙂

  4. Andrew – my vodka bottles did the same thing, weird huh!!Cranks – thanks, between us we’ll make those tracks payKate – i’m currently wrapped in a blanket, i’ve been ultra lazy tonight 🙂

  5. Oh my lord, mother fucking OUCH! btw your bruises above loove totally fucking cool! Do you keep prodding them for the sting? I would. You be bloody careful on that bike, we can't have this happening regularly.And yes, I know I'm way late… sorry!

  6. better late than never huh!I didn’t prod these ones, they were far too painful, however if I get little bruises yeah I prod the hell out of them! “does it hurt….ouch…does it hurt…ouch!!”

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