all bruced up

I don’t normally post semi nude pics of myself on my blog, I leave that to my flickr account! However I’m rather impressed with my collection of bruises. One on my hand, one on my elbow area and a jolly big one on my hip/arse thing. I don’t generally bruise, so I kinda get, well excited is not the word, but you get what I mean!

I’ll keep them small coz I was rather unwashed when I took the body shot, pre shower. I’m now smelling like flowers and shining like new, almost.

Going to my work 5 year party tonight, should be fun. Not gonna drink much though as I have a family dinner tomorrow night for Mum’s anniversary, then i’ve got a get together for Eurovision on Sunday.

I’m too old to have big nights, it takes me a month to recover. Besides which, my body has had enough trauma for one week!!



^^ I can has a pot belly!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


~ by Fen on May 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “all bruced up”

  1. Interesting tatts hun.

  2. aaah but you cannae see them properly!!

  3. Wow that sure is a bruise!!!

  4. That’s one *amazing* bruise. How on earth did you get it *that* colour? Remind me to show you my sunburn photos one day in tradesies 😛

  5. A.W – I fell hard. The bruise on my hip is now red and black and resembles manky meat! My hand is a lot bluer than it was in that pic. The tattoo is still the same 😉

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