7 Year Anniversary

7 year anniversary

So this pic must’ve been taken around 34 years ago, when I was a pudgy baby! How proud do my parents look.

Today, 16th May, marks 7 years since my Mother passed away. I miss her every single day, but I try to take inspiration from her life, and I try to live my life for me, to do the things I want to do. Life’s too short, you have to get out and chase those dreams. I realised this as she was dying and made a vow to myself that I’d give up what I had to, to get what I wanted out of my life.

After suffering great depression after she died, and recovering, I sold my house, my car and a lot of my possessions and moved to London. As cliched as it may sound, I rediscovered myself and decided to go to university and study counselling. I had to move back to Melbourne to finish the course and here I am today. I have 6 months to go before I graduate.

I’m currently doing my placement in a palliative care ward, another place where you realise how short life can be. I have learned a LOT from dying people and I’m glad I’m still young enough to be able to do something with those lessons.

So thanks Mum for everything, for making me the person I am today, for being my inspiration, for the love you gave me and for my life. I hope that you’d have been proud of the person I am.


~ by Fen on May 16, 2009.

One Response to “7 Year Anniversary”

  1. I think your mother would be incredibly proud of you…you’ve done amazing things and you’re a fantastic person, so wherever she is, I bet she’s absolutely chuffed. :-)*massive hugs*You’re a champion.♥ Em.

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