We’ve had problems with our phone line since we moved in here 2 years ago. Telstra are coming out for the 3rd time tomorrow, to check what’s wrong. It starts off with a gentle static crackle and ends with a cacophony of noise so loud you can’t hear your brain processing. Or is it just me that has that problem.

Anyway, guess who gets to sit and home and wait for them to arrive, yup, ME! Hooray. Lucky I am injured and unwell or I’d huff and puff a little! I can’t wait for them to treat me like I’m some dumb female who knows nothing. Wheeee!

Does anyone know the difference between a physio and a chiropractor? Who would I go to about my bung right shoulder? Or should I save my money and just get some quack to amputate it?

I’ve been watching Masterchef on the teevs lately and some of the things they cook up look rather tasty. That is, until I see the face of their “expert” and food critic. He makes me want to shove my fingers into my eyes and pull my brain stem out of my empty eye sockets. Whoever dresses/styles him ought to be shot. End of story! Ugh. He looks like a greasy flabby toad.


On that note, I shall be retiring to my boudoir. Goodnight


~ by Fen on May 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “again…”

  1. Hello my lovely! Don’t go see a Chiro or Physio. Physio’s and Chiro’s are both good in their own way, but can take ages to get in to the nitty gritty (appointments after appointments….$$ after $$). I saw the most amazing Osteopath in Melbourne + he was HOT!!! LOL. I will pass on his details to you via email. Well worth you going there. Straight in and will fix you up all proper like. xxx Brooke

  2. Copperwitch blogspot just went through all that with Telstra over the crackling phone. they kept telling her for months it was her fault and in her house … when finally, it was the wires pulled out of the pole. she blogged extensively on it. They try to frighten you off by saying it will cost a fortune and you have to pay. persevere.

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