baking day

Today has been wet and cold, so I decided that baking muffins was the best thing to do. I made two batches, two different recipes, both with mixed berries and choc chips. They’re delish.


Tomorrow I have a meeting with a local school about doing my second semesters placement there, then I have 4 hours of work. The tight arse bastards cut my normal Monday hours, probs coz they’d have to pay me double time as it’s a public holiday. Funny how when the Howard government was in and we had the dodgiest workplace agreement, they were happy to give you public holidays as casuals got no extra rates. F*cking pricks. I’d like to see them survive on 4 hours of work a week, gah, makes me angry.

Ooh yeah, forgot to mention, I found a new flatmate who hasn’t changed her mind! Ha ha. She’s moving in by the 10th July, or earlier if the boys can find somewhere to move quicker. I’m really really looking forward to having just the two of us in the house, I think it will be more harmonious and from what I can gather she’s quite laid back and very friendly, so it should be good!

I need to get a digital set top box thing for my tv. There are some shows starting on ABC2 soon that I want to watch, plus le Tour de France is nearing and it will be shown in its entirety on SBS2. Since I feel rubbish 99% ofthe time I figure I am going to be spending more time watching tv than having a life, so it might be a good investment. I don’t want an expensive one!

Just saw the forecast for tomorrow, brrrrr! I do love the cold weather, but I gotta be out and about tomorrow, will have to rug up big time.


~ by Fen on June 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “baking day”

  1. Oh. My. Gawd. Muff me up, biatch! Those muffins look and sound good enough to take behind the bike sheds for 15 minutes!Yay on the roomie news too. Can I just say. Dick Smith, $35, basic set top box, best investment ever. I don't even watch TV for more than an hour a week but ABC2 has a better lineup than ABC1… go figure!

  2. I'll meet you behind the bike sheds in 10 minutes, though do bring your snow gear, it's rather chilly!ABC2 has some great stuff, now if only I could prize myself out of my beanbag and get to a shop. If only online shopping in this country was a million times better!

  3. Pre buying a digital tv, we bought a box and it was very very cheap…..for a good reason. It was impossible to work out how to connect it. Dick refunded our money.

  4. lol, well I'm kinda tech savvy, or at least I like to think I am. I'll make sure whoever I buy it off has a good return policy! There's a documentary on ABC2 tonight that I wanted to see dammit!

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