holidays are here again

I’ve officially finished my clinical placement and uni, so i guess that means I’m on holidays. Given that work are rostering me on for a max of 6.5 hours a week at the moment, I guess I really am on holidays, with a ban on spending of all kinds!

It really pisses me off that work does that to us casuals. I’ve been there for two years, which is a long time in a call centre, I’ve worked their shitty shifts, I’ve worked public holidays/weekends/shifts no one else has wanted. This is what you get in return, no loyalty, nothing. I’m not the only one in this boat, but it’s just so frustrating when I know I’m going to be needing extra money in the next few weeks. I’m trying to pick up extra shifts, but we’ll see how successful that is, everyone is trying the same trick, coz all the casuals have had their hours slashed. Meh.

I’m enjoying this cold weather and the novelty of rain. Though I caught a tram to and from work yesterday and today I feel germie, sniffly nose and sneezy head. It was probably the snot faced 3 year old who insisted on punching everyone when they got on the tram. Right in the guts. Charming. I glared at his mother, but the kid was so out of control and she was so useless that my glaring was pointless. I’m sure that most of the passengers, along with myself, felt like hurling him out of the tram doors, preferrably as the tram was moving. Ugh.

So given my economic crisis, I’ll be spending ALL my time indoors, talking to the cat.

a girl, her cat & 16 factoids


~ by Fen on June 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “holidays are here again”

  1. While bosses bang on about work place agreements, one agreement should be on the minimum hours each week for casuals. 6.5 is absurd.

  2. tell me about it, they say we have to have availability for a min. of 20 hours per week, but they just don't roster you on. I did 4 hours this week :S

  3. Ahhh, I often feel that way about horrid ankle biters on public transport. Can I assume the little beast managed to make it to the end of his journey alive?

  4. Jayne I have no idea if he made it home alive, thankfully I got off the tram before they did!!

  5. The Mother of the shit kid was dreading going home to The Father of the shit kid, who is probably just like him.I noticed at Hot Andrews that you are a cricket tragic – you need to enjoy Teacher Tony the Melb cricket tragic at After Grog Blog.He is very funny.

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