oh hai

i’m drunk and i want some food please
it’s nearly 2am
way past my bedtime thanks nanna
the cat’s being naughty
i think i have chips somewhere

~ by Fen on June 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “oh hai”

  1. You mean you made it home without stopping for a kebab? Drunk night FAIL!

  2. yeah terrible, especially considering Alasya is at the end of my street and they do the BEST kebabs. DUH!

  3. I hope you at least made up for it with a breakfast kebab the next morning!

  4. Or cold pizza from the back of the fridge dated last month…? 😛

  5. Posting Under the Influence is the best! I don't eat meat so missed the whole kebab rite of passage, but my post-drinking thing is two-minute noodles with cheese melted on top. Disgusting stuff.

  6. Mutant – naw just honey & peanut butter on crumpets!!Jayne – eeeew ;)Cranky – ha ha ha must try that recipe when I'm next drunk!

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