designer vaginas

(warning – before you scroll down too far, there’s a NSFW pic below… just a heads up!)

Last night I viewed a documentary that had been on SBS during the week and I’d missed it. It was called “The Perfect Vagina” and it originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK.

It left me utterly shocked and angry at the state of the world today. According to the show, labiaplastys have increased by 300% in the UK, making them the fastest growing cosmetic surgery. There was one young girl who opted for labiaplasty because her friends teased her so much about how her vagina looked. For some reason these people think that unless you have a hairless button hole like what you see in porn, then you’re some sort of freak. This girl was subjected to huge ridicule and taunts, yet when you saw her vagina it looked normal. Sure, she had some labia protruding, but what the heck, who says you can’t? Who says that the pre-pubescent look is more visually enjoyable than anything else? To see what this young girl went through, all because she didn’t have the desired look made my stomach churn. The absolute pain & discomfort for THREE MONTHS, just so she could please her friends. They didn’t show her “finished product” but I wonder how scarred it would look and how much sensation she’d have lost.

Back in my day, no one seemed to care about what someone elses vagina looked like, it’s not like we didn’t discuss intimate things, we just didn’t seem to be that concerned about what ours looked like. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I was even that aware that people thought anything external was unusual. Pfffft, if it does the job who cares what it looks like… have you seen how ugly a penis is? LOL!

By far the most interesting part of the show was the vagina casts made by artist Jamie McCartney. These showed just how diverse the vagina/vulva is and how no two look the same, despite what may be portrayed in magazines and porn.

image © Jamie McCartney

Another sad aspect of the show was the women, that for religious purposes, wanted their hymen “repaired” so that when they got married they were considered virgins and bled as required. I cried when I heard one of the women saying if she couldn’t get hers repaired she’d rather die than bring that sort of shame onto her family. She’d lost her virginity to a man she loved, who betrayed her and now she needed this second chance. Ugh.

Anyway, if you get a chance, watch it, it’s fascinating and shocking at the same time. I wish women would just accept their bodies for what they are and learn to love their bits.


~ by Fen on June 15, 2009.

10 Responses to “designer vaginas”

  1. A penis is a marvellous and beautiful construction and they are as varied as vaginas. Fortunately, most blokes seem satisfied with how they are. I expect this vaginal dissatisfaction is very much a woman thing and men are not to blame. Well, maybe male pornographers play a part. While my knowledge of female anatomy is limited, I would have thought for a bloke, the more to play with, the better.

  2. Yep, saw that one too. Not quite the usual SBS Friday night porn, more thought provoking this one.I must say I got a bit angry too. I think at one stage I yelled at the screen something about getting over themselves. To me it was like these blokes who form groups to lament the loss of their foreskin. If I tell these blokes to man up can I tell the women to woman up?As a bloke who has seen a few v-jay-jays I have to honestly say the differences are just that, different. It's what surrounds it that makes the difference. Someone may have the so-called perfect vagina but if they're a hollow human being, it's irrelevant – I'll take the better person thanks.

  3. Can I get that plaster thingy for my wall? How fucking cool!Like most cosmetic surgery I have to ask, why? If your vagina was disfigured in an industrial accident then, sure go ahead, return it to its former glory, otherwise be content with how nature made you.If I start seeing "celeb labiaplastys gone wrong – 30 page lift out inside" on the cover of Womans Day I'll kill myself.

  4. I wanted to see that show but Dad was still up watching tv – enough said.How frigging bizarre to reconstruct a vagina due to what people say?!I cannot fathom who would want to look at it rather than get down to business.Penis', in the other hand, are tepid sausages 😉

  5. Andrew – you're right, genitals are genitals and they're all varied, whether they be penises or vaginas. On the show the girl who was shown to get the labia plasty had a guy dump her because of her labia. There were also guys interviewed, both young and old who expressed utter digust at anything that wasn't neatly tucked away. Who's to blame is probably a moot point by now.Dave – too right, it's the surrounds that make the vagina!! I'm still angry about the show, I've been telling everyone who will listen!!Mutant – if you get one I want one too. In fact, my friend in Sydney and I want to get our vaginas done ha ha! Jayne – you can still watch it online on the SBS site, if you're interested. Good point, it's not as if you spend all your time during sex examining it closely, even during oral sex you're not eyeballing it the whole time!! LOL!

  6. I'm so relieved to hear these comments from these men here. Yes, I've seen the program and I got horrified too, although I myself have weak moments when I think I'm not the standard that most people would see in magazines or porn sites. It bugs me…..and I got literally haunted by the idea. So I searched the internet to get some answers. But hearing this from other men just makes me feel much better and really thanks for being down to earth. You probably make many women feel much better about themselves!!

  7. Ive been slaved to believe i can only have sex in the dark, and have thought less of myself because of my body.ITS because no one has the labia to women up n talk ABOUT it. well i finally said fuck it being openly honest with my boyfriend about my insecuritys, he literally laughed n said over 1/2 my ex's have looked no different to you, and iv never onced comnpared any vagina to be better then the other…. i had the best sex of my life last night, and got complemented on having the most perfect pussy, grrr

  8. Seriously, we women need to get over ourselves. Heterosexual men just love women, and all their bits, in all their varieties. Not *all* men will love what you have, but there's not a single person the planet who is considered universally attractive; why should we mere mortals be any different? But I guarantee there's somebody – and probably quite a lot of men – who find your body perfect, just as it is.And of course, the irony – which alas I never appreciated when I was young and single – is that confidence itself adds to your appeal. I'm 40 and feel more attractive, attract more positive male attention, and have better sex, than I ever have before. :)Relax, appreciate your body as the vehicle for your soul, and find ways for you and your partner to enjoy it.

  9. […] long while ago I blogged about Designer Vaginas. This post, for whatever reason, is still one of my most viewed posts. I like to think that people […]

  10. Okay, is it just me? Who the frig goes around inspecting their friends vaginas?? And for that matter, if for whatever warped reason you have a “thing” about yours not matching up to some perfect picture you have in your head – why would you want to flash it about to all and sundry? I would have thought anyone you take between the sheets thinks your’re gorgeously sexy anyway, whatever size or shape your labia is! If not, you have far bigger problems than any plastic surgery will ever cure.

    Female mutilation practiced in the name of upholding or maintaining the family honour is a whole ‘nother subject, and very worthy of shining a stark light on – but surgery for some misconstrued and mistaken form of vanity? c’mon!

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