Yanno what Mum’s with babies? I’m sick of hearing about them. Since when does having a baby mean you lose your entire personality and morph with your child?

Footnote: there’s only ONE of my friends that hasn’t done this and she’s expecting her second child. Love her to bits. For the rest of you, get a freakin life.

~ by Fen on June 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “*growl*”

  1. I'm childless, always will be so I should probably keep my mouth shut… but…My brothers and sisters have kids which, for the most part get raised the way we got raised and those kids are turning out okay. Then there are the kids who are always the centre of attention, whom the parents give up everything for who will grow up to become the social collapse of the world.To those parents: Stop it now you fucking idiots – look at how you were raised, now look at what you're doing. What went wrong there?/ rant

  2. Hear!! Hear!!! xoxoxox

  3. aaaw Brooke, i DO love you to bits :)Mutant there's no rule that says if you don't have kids you have to keep your mouth shut. Childless people have a right to an opinion as much as those who have children.

  4. Mother Nature makes us loose our marbles when we first give birth.Otherwise we'd devour our young and then the human race would really be up shit creek 😉

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