away with the felines

On Tuesday Dad picked me up just after lunch and we headed up to Emerald, in the Dandenongs, where he lives.

My plan was to get away for the rest of the week, have a relax and visit my cats that Dad now looks after. His partner and her daughter were away, so it was a good time to have quality Dad and daughter time. I always was Daddy’s little girl I think.

It was lovely to see my cats again. They must be 15 and 16 years old now, I must dig out their birth certificates and see exactly how old they are. Alice was her usual chatty, eccentric self. She never tires of getting pattings and loves to hog a lap. Elliott came in later in the night, wary as ever and eventually let me give him a scritch. On the second night he even came and joined me on the couch, which made my heart sing with joy. I think he was abused terribly as a wee kitten, when I adopted him he was a scared shaking little bundle. He grew to trust me and loved me a lot, but when I retired him up to Dads’ when I left for London, we grew apart. Mum’s temperamental tortie, Nina, was there too, happy to share lickings but everything else was on her terms! She’s such a queen!! They have such a menagerie up there, 3 cats, 3 dogs, horses, chickens, a rabbit. But I guess they have the room to do it and everyone gets on reasonably well, unless they intrude on Alice’s pattings!!

So I lounged about in front of the gas pretend fire, reading books and newspapers, sleeping in and trying to recharge my past empty batteries. Dad and I went out for lunch yesterday and had a lovely meal, I cooked us a roast and we enjoyed each others company. It was a good few days away.

Unfortunately I had some annoying news just before I left to go home today, the school I was meant to be doing my 2nd semesters placement at pulled out, saying that they couldn’t see how it would work properly. In my opinion, they were lazy and couldn’t be bothered making an effort, but whatever. Now I have to organise something else. Grrrr.

I’ll post pics as I process them, I took quite a few, not that all will be worthy of viewing!!

a bit sticky

hanging on


~ by Fen on June 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “away with the felines”

  1. It's nice to go home, but I'm sorry the news from the school has messed with things. Lazy of them to decide that doing nothing is easier than making a bit more effort.

  2. Oh my god, fresh air, friendly cats and a roast… sounds like bliss to me.And how freakin' cool is that stick insect!?!?!

  3. the leafy photo is very pretty :)happy you got a chance to unwind! I'm looking to some downtime next week – yay 🙂 me and the countryhouse and some ikea furniture…

  4. Cranky – very lazy of them, but can't do much about it unfortunately *shrugs*Mutant – it was fairly blissful!Nettsu – enjoy your downtime, getting away is awesome, I wish I could do it more often.

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