the rain on the roof

It’s raining outside and I absolutely adore the sound of the rain on the roof. I feel like climbing into bed already, snuggling under my doona and listening to the rain. I miss having a tin roof on nights like this.


Health Update (*yawn*) – I can’t defer uni, well I CAN, however if I do I can’t go back for a whole year and I kinda think that is pointless. So the uni have said I can have a few extra months to get my placement done and I will graduate with everyone else. I just have to find somewhere to do my placement. I’m waiting on a few return phone calls, frustrating. I just hope this is okay for my bung self to cope with! I’m going for a liver scan first thing tomorrow morning, because apparently since 2003 I’ve had high GGT enzyme readings, whatever that may mean. No one has bothered to do anything about it til now and I was clueless that anything had ever been abnormal. So I’ll wander up there in the morning and have my ultrasound. Thankfully the hospital is a 20 min walk from here at the most, I can cope with that!

Oh bliss, it’s now pouring. A month of steady, driving rain would be good thanks. I’m sick of this drought.

~ by Fen on July 30, 2009.

One Response to “the rain on the roof”

  1. I am sympathetic to your plight, I really am, but when I read 'bung self' I turned into a giggling mess. I'm sorry Hon' but that's a great descriptor – I'll have to remember to use it!

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