I’ve always been an impatient person, so any time I have to wait is pure agony to me!I had my CT scan done today, it was an experience! Not invasive or anything, just weird.


I lay on the bed bit, my head away from the machine. It started up and the insides could be seen spinning faster and faster. I seriously thought I was going to jump into outer space at any moment and was disappointed that it didn’t happen! The bed slowly moved in and the computer told me to hold my breath, then after 4 seconds release it.

Next I was hooked up to a MASSIVE syringe machine that had some sort of dye in it, invisible to the naked eye! They warned me that it might give me a warm flush and more disturbingly that I might feel like I’ve peed my pants. I giggled at this, thinking yeah right!

The dye was injected in and it stung like a mofo when it went in. Suddenly my whole body felt mysteriously warm, my mouth tasted bizarre then, much to my amusement, it really DID feel like I’d wet my pants. Seriously, if they didn’t tell you to expect it you’d be certain that you’d regressed back to infantile ways!! As the dye was circulating the machine took another image.

We waited 5 mins and the machine took another scan and it was all over. All up about 15 minutes worth I’d say.

Of course I couldn’t get my results then and there, though I know from watching RPA the other night that they see it all straight away, but alas I have to wait til all the relevant guff is sent to my doctor. So next Monday or most probably Tuesday I’ll find out.


I’ve been pretty calm about the whole thing, I figure that the tumour is in there and nothing I can do will change that fact, I just gotta wait to find out how this thing is going to affect my life (or not).

Afterwards I went out for a lovely lunch with my Aunt and then went back to her place to visit the tribe of dogs! I always enjoy my time with my Aunt, it’s great to have someone close that I know I can confide in if I need to. All the rest of my family are so freakin far away, I sometimes feel really isolated.

~ by Fen on August 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “waiting”

  1. Wow, that sounds like an experience and a half. You you reckon the doctors and nurses (wow, haven't played that for ages) sometimes neglect to tell people about the pants peeing thing, for a laugh?I'm impatient too, so I know your agony.I'm going to keep everything firmly crossed for you m'dear, I can only hope you get the 'no effect at all' kind of news you want. That's what I'll be positively vibing to you anyway!

  2. I'm working no getting you a new body, but its not going so well.Thinking of you miss!

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