musical interlude

There are certain bands over the years that I have wanted to see live and for the most part, I have seen the ones I really wanted to see.

Some of them split up and I thought I’d never get to see them live, but then got back together and I lived my dreams. Jane’s Addiction was a big one for me, as well as Rage Against the Machine. I never thought I’d get to see either of them perform live.

Well today I heard that Oasis have split, Noel has left the band.

“It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

“Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan.”

I guess they are one band I really will never get to see perform live, gutted šŸ˜¦
I’ve been listening to their albums today, I think I will put on the Russell Brand Radio Shows where Noel was a co-host or was in the studio, they always made me laugh.


In non music news, I am trying to find the inspiration to get the work done that i need to do for uni and i am struggling. I need a joint dammit šŸ˜›

~ by Fen on August 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “musical interlude”

  1. Mid tour is poor form. Can't be too critical of MJ cancelling pre tour I suppose.

  2. ha ha ha MJ had a damn good excuse, though I guess they coulda pressed on ala Weekend at Bernies style!Who knows what's happened behind closed, or not so closed, doors. I've been hearing of spats for weeks now, Liam's a right cock and I guess Noel has had a gutful. I'd rather they cancelled mid tour than go to a gig that was shite because of their rubbish. I hope Noel does the solo album he's been saying he's not going to do!

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