I almost copped a fine today, whilst riding my bike!  I was tootling along, thinking how good my day had been…. I normally ride through the Carlton Gardens, but apparently you’re not allowed to.  Not that the signs are freakin obvious, I checked.  Lucky for me a guy warned me that they were fining cyclists for riding through the gardens, so I chucked a u-turn and legged it out of there.  Fuck that shit, I am NOT paying a fine for riding my fucking bicycle.  
I always ride carefully through there, fully aware that there are people and dogs and god knows what else. I’m a very nice and careful bike rider, not one of those wankers who cuts through traffic and rides through red lights.  Besides, if you ride on the shared path down Nicholson St, you have to dodge pedestrians who seem oblivious to the fact that it’s a shared path.  I’ve even copped abuse from them for ringing my bell as a friendly warning that I’m approaching.
Anyway, fuck you police, you’re not fining me for riding my bike.  I’m the least of your worries, go catch some real criminals will ya!!!
I had a lovely day at the hospital, I had an amazing patient who was kinda inspiring with all she’s been through and is facing.  Hopefully I get to do some work with her again tomorrow. 
I need to go have some lasagne for dinner, but I’m zonked! 

~ by Fen on September 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “EFF YOU”

  1. Weird. I was out of my territory and in Nicholson Street today and noticed the bike/pedestrian shared pathway. While there are some cyclists who really go too far, generally, what a waste of police time. I do enjoy seeing cyclist yell at pedestrians in bike only lanes, such as Swanston Street north of the ciy, or the new ones in Fitzroy Street St Kilda. The taxis that park in the bike lane outside Rydges Carlton and the delivery van that parks in the bike lane at the old St Kilda Railway Station, bad form.

  2. ZOMFG, can't we all just get along.More seriously though. Why can't the cops do something worthwhile?Feckers.Lasagne sounds nice, homemade?

  3. Andrew – yep, know exactly where you mean in from of Rydges – bastards. Though when bike riding you have to be careful of the Uni students wandering around aimlessly.Hey Fez, I'm a glass half full kinda guy – maybe you should see this as a positive – you DIDN'T get a fine today. Woo! Free money. Go buy a spokeydokey – do they still have them? Does anyone remember spokeydokeys?

  4. Andrew – I'm a lovely cyclist who will even smile and nod if we make eye contact :)Kez – deffo homemade lasagne, I made a batch last week and froze it, yum.Dave – yeah I had 3 spokey dokey on my old bmx bike! However i did see someone not long ago with the whole kit, it made me giggle!

  5. Seems you're not the only one…..http://www.theage.com.au/national/250-fine-for-cycling-on-the-path-20090916-frof.html

  6. I saw that Dave, glad I didn't get fined, as a student $250 would ruin me 😦

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