if pain persists, please see your doctor

Ooh my liver is giving me grief.  Lots of pain the last few days, today it semi hurts to breathe.  I can’t wait til my next scan… I want this resolved asap.
Today was rather freezing, so I tucked up inside with the heater on and watched the Grand Final with TheMoo.  It was an exciting, close match.  I wanted the Saints to win but I have a soft spot for Geelong too, so I wasn’t that fussed.  Halfway through the final quarter I had to go do some housework coz the tension was too much and when I came back the difference was one point!  Of course as everyone now knows Geelong were the best team on the day and ended up winning by 2 goals.  I had tears seeing the Saints boys cry.
no words, no talk. we'll go dreaming
In flatmate news, I found a new flatmate, well flatmates actually.  I’ll be having a lesbian couple move in in a couple of weeks and I’m well excited. 
I’m going to the island to visit my sister next week and I can’t wait.  I’ve not seen her new place, apparently it’s pretty cool.  There have been whales sighted, she has seen them from her balcony, I’m hoping we get to see some too.  By we, I mean Harvey and I.  He’s coming down with me, should be lovely. 

~ by Fen on September 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “if pain persists, please see your doctor”

  1. If you gave up your daily bottle of vodka, maybe your liver would feel better.Ohh, not sure about the lesbians. One of them might jump your bones in the middle of the night. The slinky beauty of Fenz is dangerous to men and women.Ah, and, can I come with you to the island and take me away from all of this? We can go mutton bird watching.

  2. I thought the vodka was assisting my liver!If I woke up with a lesbian in my bed (again) I wouldn't kick her out!Sure you can come to the island… if you go to the bit near my sis's old house you can get hit in the head by the nesting mutton birds as they return at dusk, it's a fabulous experience!

  3. Try two bottles of vodka for liver pain ;-).And all the best with your new housemates-to-be!

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