back in time

I dunno what’s going on in my head recently, but I keep dreaming of, or suddenly thinking of all these people from my past.  People I knew, old friends, acquaintances, colleagues.  It’s kinda doing my head in a bit.  I’ve tried to stalk them on the internet, but most of them weren’t really tech savvy and my efforts thus far have been fairly futile. 
Maybe my subconscious is living in the past, having a bit of a reminisce.
Maybe I just need to get a life!!!
There’s a show on SBS at the moment about weed.  I just want to roll a bit fat jay and slip into alternate Fen world.  Oooh I wish!

Oh yeah, forgot to add, the new Doctor Who logo was revealed in the UK today, I quite like it.  Of course the internets is full of divided opinions and haters, but I say eff you to the haters.  Go jump.



~ by Fen on October 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “back in time”

  1. For those of us with memories of sixties Doctor Who, if it is modern and tech looking, it must be an improvement.Damn inconsiderate of people to be not tech savvy when you need to stalk them. I have a few of my own.

  2. thank god that weed doco explained to me why smokers are violent these days, when in the old days (1968) it was all peace and love.It's because theres no CBD CHD (or something)in the buds these days.I lived next door to mad smokers who trashed their house at 2ampeace and love, man

  3. Go the Doc. Apparently they're redo-ing the Tardis inside and out – the way, I fully converted my partner to Torchwood by showing her Children of the Earth. Loved it. Then went back to previous series. Damn, missed the weed doco….

  4. Yeah Andrew, makes life difficult huh!!!Marshall-Stacks I was fascinated by the info on CBD. I refuse to smoke weed now unless it's organic as the stuff these days seems to have nasty side effects. It's almost been a year since I last smoked!I heard that Dave, for the new HD filming. I've seen the outside, can't wait for a peek at the inside. Yay for converting your partner to Torchwood, that's deffo a good thing. It's a shame you missed the doco, I had a look online at the SBS website but I can't see it on there.

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