little presents

A few days ago (exact number hazy due to old age brain fade) I tipped myself out of bed, wrapped myself in my dressing gown and popped on my slippers (yes, I am a Nanna), then shuffled down the stairs.  I was greeted by what seemed to be a large mouse or small rat, standing on my lounge room carpet.  Me being typically ungirly, I went straight up to it and poked it to see if it were alive.  Rigor mortis had set in, so I put it out the back door while my morning attempt at waking up and getting ready continued.
I now had a reason for TheMoo’s excited announcements that had occurred sometime in the wee hours.  I had merely waved my hand at her and told her shush about 10 times before she gave up.  She’d not eaten it, so it seemed she’d merely played with it to death, then given up when it ceased moving and hence being any fun.

TheMoo checking if her toy was going to magically come back to life!

This morning I got up, and feeling ever so slightly energetic, I decided to play fetch with TheMoo and her favourite nobbly blue bouncy ball – it’s her numero uno favourite toy in the world, just ahead of the two dark purple hair elastics that she stole from me.  However I could not find said ball anywhere and after searching in all the usual places, I figured it may have rolled under the couch.
So I lifted up the couch.
Out shot a clone of the mouse/rat that was on my lounge room floor the other morning, much to the astonishment of both TheMoo and myself.  I stood for a few seconds, morning brain trying desperately to register what was going on, then I shouted at TheMoo to get it.  She ambled over and poked at it with her paw and it ran back under the couch that I’d put back down.  Repeat lifting of couch and this time the mouse/rat ran over towards the front door and bottom of the stairs.  I watched TheMoo and concluded that she was useless, she seemed intent on playing only, there was going to be no actual catching of her new live toy.  So I went and grabbed a container to trap the animal in.  By this time TheMoo had chased the flipping thing the whole way up the stairs and it was scurrying along her cat tunnel, with her in hot pursuit.  She popped out the end, however the mouse/rat was still in it.  I told her to get back in there and she flushed it out the other end whereby it ran into the now empty bedroom.  I hot footed it in there, with TheMoo following closely behind, trapped it in my container and let it out once I was safely outside.
Of course TheMoo spent the next half an hour searching for her live toy, much to my amusement and her disdain.  Once again, I realised that TheMoo had alerted me to her new friend in the wee hours and once again I’d dismissed her!
I wonder where these little creatures are coming from, we’ve not had any sort of pest problem since living here, I rarely even see spiders.  Even my favourite spider above the front door was killed off by my last personality free flatmate.
In other news, my new flatmates arrived and moved in today and so far they’re lovely.  I think things should work out well.  It’s nice to have people who are genuinely interested in finding out about the area, what is where, etc.  The last excuse for a flatmate, apart from not having more than about 3 conversations in total with me, didn’t seem to care about the richness that is Brunswick. 
And OMG, one more week of uni to go, then all i have to do is finish my placement hours and I’M FREAKIN’ WELL DONE.  OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!!!

~ by Fen on October 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “little presents”

  1. Great mental images. A bit of hunting in Brunswick. Maybe mice are looking for somewhere a bit dry.

  2. Good post. Warrior cat indeed.We had nice/rat issues a while back – for no reason. Then two neighborhood cats took to hanging around the house – exploring the garden and under the house. We encouraged it by giving them milk etc and vola! No more pest problem.The blue blocks for mice you can get at Bunnings are really effective too.Yay for Uni end!

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