centrelink are twats

So I get a letter today from the arseholes at Centrelink:
I’d like to point out their logo, or more specifically the giving you options tag line.
I’m sorry but I’ve been given NO OPTIONS WHATSOEVER. Just a shitty 3 line letter, no explanation, nothing.  What the fuck am I meant to know from this letter, am I meant to be a mind reader or a psychic?
And given that it’s Friday night I have the whole weekend to stew on this.  Just brilliant.
I pity the poor twat that gets me on Monday morning, I am going to rip someone a new one.  I was due a payment on Monday, a grand shitty total of about $250 for the fortnight, but this is the difference between me eating and me going without food.  At the moment I shall be going without food.
Fucking ridiculous.  Hooray for me.

~ by Fen on October 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “centrelink are twats”

  1. Should I courier you a tin of Heinz finest baked beans? Sachet of coffee thrown in.

  2. Bastards. I cannot, for the life of me work out how they can get away withshit like this and not be hauled over the coals for civil rights breaches. Considering you're now without food I think that qualifies. If you do find yourself really stuck let me know and we can hit the Barkly Square Woolworths together!

  3. thanks guys, luckily I have small stashes of food about the place and should be able to get by, but it's the principle of the thing yanno!I'm actually calculating how much more I would have to work and just do away with austudy altogether, i'm over it, i can't stand centrelink and their trickery.Kez we could just go shopping anyway, i hate going by myself 😛

  4. Do they not understand that people receiving benefits need them, and ripping them away like that is verging on criminal? I'm appalled. I cleaned my work cupboard of nuts, baked beans, dry bikkies and pretzels if you need a snack :-).

  5. ha ha ha i read that as dry bikinis! Nom nom nom!!

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