vein fail

I really dislike humid weather.  It makes my hair manky.  The end!
But wait, there’s more…I had my follow up CT scan on my liver today, 3 months on from my last one.  Though I was beginning to think it would never happen!  They inject a contrast dye into your veins and take a picture as the dye surges through the liver, to check out the whatnots.  However finding a vein on any part of my body was proving a tad difficult.  First the regular guy tried the back of my hand, after failing to find a vein on my arm.  Unfortunately he couldn’t get the canula in far enough and had to abort that spot.  So then he called in the radiologist, I lovely man who I had an instant crush on and suddenly didn’t mind that this could be the longest scan of my life.  He then tried my arm and my wrist, to no avail.  So I shuffled off to the ultrasound room where he comandeered a portable ultrasound machine and skillfully discovered a vein that way.  Of course I made him show me how it all worked along the way, any excuse to have a chat!
So needly thing in, I said farewell to my new radiologist lust and shuffled back to the CT scan room.  I was so glad they found me a dressing gown to hide my bare arse that was peeking out of the awesome hospital gown!  Not so lucky was the old man who paraded his armpit undies for the world to see!
Then it was into the machine, dye injected and was all over in about 10 minutes.  Hooray.  It only took an hour and a half longer than it should.  I didn’t really care though, all the people were lovely and it wasn’t their fault my veins are rubbish.
Test results will be back next week then I get to find out what the next step is.  I’m pushing for surgery, end of story 🙂

~ by Fen on October 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “vein fail”

  1. You poor thing. At least you got eye-candy?Did it feel like you wet your pants with the contrast dye? Mine totally did and it was so weird, I'm glad I was pre-warned! I found my scan to be so fascinating.Good luck with the pushing for surgery, I hope they approve it and ASAP.I finally syndicated your blog for LJ and also realised that I actually have a blogger account that I don't remember making.

  2. You have thick skin then? Or deep veins? Nothing worse than a hot medico bending over you…ok, I lie.

  3. Tanya – he wasn't conventionally good looking, but he had charisma and definite appeal!Andrew – Deep veins ftw… he could've prodded me with his needle all he wanted!

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