it’s been a while

Not much has been happening in the world of Fen of late.  Just working and doing my clinical placement, which is thankfully drawing to an end.
Not that I don’t like it, but it’s a lot of (unpaid) time out of my week, time that I could be doing my paid job in!  I’ve done an overnighter at work and have 4 more coming up, the dosh will come in handy that’s for sure.
Tamika has been bringing me lots of presents lately, these are in the form of huge leaves from the rubber tree next door.  Usually she puts them on her mat or at my bedroom door, however 2 nights ago she was in the bad books, so she carefully placed one on my pillow, next to my head and woke me up with her joyous meowing!
Mummy, a present for you!
She makes me laugh so much, little ratbag.  At least she’s not bringing me live presents!

I watched Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars yesterday and without giving any spoilers away – OH MY GOODNESS!  A fabulous episode, chilling, nerve wracking and brilliant all at once.  And the trailers for Christmas – goose bumps all over!!


~ by Fen on November 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “it’s been a while”

  1. It's good to get presents isn't it? ;o)And how good was The Dark Doctor?A friend who watched it said he was genuinely scared in parts – wonder how the kiddies took it.Top way to go out.

  2. Presents are wonderful, yes!I wasn't ever scared, but when Ood Sigma appeared I squeaked out his name and nearly fell off my chair. Of course I got teary too!! Can't wait for Christmas/New Year.

  3. Been seeing the trailers for this and the Christmas special….have to keep picking my jaw up lol.

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