I’ve been working the overnight shift, from 8.30pm – 6.30am the last few nights.  I’ve been finding it fairly easy, I am a night owl after all.  However sleeping during the day is a bit weird.
Thankfully the house is dead quiet during the day, apart from when TheMoo drops in to check up on me.  I don’t think she’s too happy being cooped up in the house til I get home at 7am, but she’s doing okay.  We were both curled up on the bed together this afternoon, snoozing blissfully, when a storm rolled by.  It didn’t seem too close when all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning and mammoth crash of thunder all at once.  TheMoo and I both fell out of bed together!!!  I tend to sleep in 2-3 hour grabs during the day, so after the storm whizzed by I fell into slumber mode again.  Tonight is my last night for a little while doing overnights, I’ve got more coming up around Christmas and New Year. 
I finish my placement at St V’s next week…it’s a strange feeling… this means that I will have successfully completed my counselling degree.  Blimey.  I keep thinking that maybe I should look for a counselling job, but it all seems a bit much right now!  I think I’ll stick to what I can do with my eyes closed for a little while, then throw myself into the search.  Ideally I’d have a holiday, alas being a poor student for 4 years means I have no savings, hence no holiday.  Never mind.
I think I’ll attempt to drag my sleepy arse to the Vic Market in the morning.  I’m full of good intentions now, at 2.35am, however give it another 4 hours and I may just want to get home asap.  I caught the tram today as when I rode home this morning it was pouring the whole way and I got soaked to the bone, didn’t want a repeat performace.  Besides which I’m tired and thought I’d give my legs a rest!
That’s it from me, my ramblings from work.  Oh yeah they gave me internets at work finally, coz I’m doing these shifts.  HOORAY!!!

~ by Fen on November 27, 2009.

One Response to “overnights”

  1. Just don't squish the kitteh when you both fall out of the bed, mmmm'kay?:-)

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