over and over and over again.

Dear Google Reader Recommendations,
You honestly do suck, coz no matter how many times I politely say No Thanks to your recommendations, a few days or even weeks later, the same shite pops up in my recommendations list. You’re like a broken record, now scoot.
I’m supposed to be updating my resume. So far I’ve swept the back yard, done some gardening, played with the cat, collected the mail (no threadless tshirt parcel boo) and shuffled about. I have updated some of it, but oh it’s so tedious.
I think I’ll fix my nailpolish soon, the black is starting to chip off!!

~ by Fen on December 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “over and over and over again.”

  1. Is the 'chocolate' tick box for good or evil?Nice summery look!

  2. Chocolate can only ever be for good!!

  3. Black nailpolish. I am impressed. I have some and some black lipstick, but the time where I could wear it has passed.

  4. There's a reason behind the black Andrew, I was dyeing my hair the other day and coz my nails are long they pierced the gloves and my fingernails got dyed too! Hence I had to paint my nails black to cover the black hair dye!!!

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