Sunday session

Started 11/12/09 – Last night whilst at work I came down with a very painful bout of food poisoning or a gastro bug.  Luckily I was floor walking, so I wasn’t on the phones anyway and could do what I needed to do!  It was horrible though, my stomach felt like it was trying to tie itself into big knots.  I had to get one of the girls to drive me home at the end of my shift as I didn’t dare attempt public transport.  Luckily I didn’t ride in!  Today I’ve been feeling iffy, but not too bad.  Very tired though.  I’ve been snuggling with the cat… considering how chilly it is for summer this has been a good thing!
Continued 13/12/09 – Aargh Sunday already. I was going to write how there were two baby huntsmen who’d taken up residence in my bedroom, but I woke up this morning and they’ve gone! Vanished! I feel a little lost not having them about.  Luckily there’s a new one that had appeared in the bathroom, a tiny version, but the third to appear in my house this week.  I was showing Harvey my collection last night, maybe he came back and stole them!  We watched a Zed and Two Zeros last night, strange movie that.
I’m going to meet up with my sister today and then we’re going to my Dad’s for the night.  Something about stuff that’s ours in the barn and getting some of it back before fire season kicks in. Meh.  At least I had a reasonable nights sleep last night, thought it took me 2 hours to finally sleep.  I’m over insomnia… though I do have more overnight shifts coming up so I can’t see it getting any better soon.

~ by Fen on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sunday session”

  1. I am afraid your huntsman looks like every other huntsman and has no individuality at all.

  2. true that Andrew, they're a fairly generic bunch!

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