A Whole Week Off

WOW! It’s not a holiday but I juggled my roster so that I had a whole week off, going back to work at 10pm on Boxing Day for a run of 6-7 overnights in a row.

I can’t afford holidays, not after 4 years of studying, but heck I’d love to get away to somewhere beach side and just spend my days gazing at the water.  The waves have such a soothing effect upon my soul.  I can’t even think when I’ll get holidays next as once I start a new ‘real’ job I’ll have to wait some more.  So I shall enjoy my week off immensely.

I’ve almost finished my christmas shopping, I just need to buy something for my sister.  She’s hard to buy for as she’s leaving to go live in South Africa for a year or so shortly, so whatever I buy has to be useful and able to be taken with her.  Any clues?  She’s a seasoned traveller so doesn’t need any of the usual travellers gifts.  Maybe I’ll just thrust cash at her!!

I’ve been listening to the cricket over the last few days and was disappointed to realise that the Boxing Day test is against Pakistan and not the West Indies.  I am quite fond of the Windies team.  Hopefully I’ll get to catch up with my Australian cricketer friend as he normally comes to Melbourne for the test now he’s retired. 


~ by Fen on December 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Whole Week Off”

  1. Buy your sis some Aeroguard. She will need it. Next best thing to a beach side holiday must be a visit to St Kilda pier.

  2. Are there loads of flies/mozzies in Sth Africa?No offense but I loathe St Kilda with a passion, I'd rather chew off my own limbs than go there!

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