I’ve been tidying up my room coz my sister is going to give me some stuff to mind whilst she’s away… so I’m trying to make some space.  I had a pile of things on the floor from a couple of weeks ago, when I collected some of my belongings from Dad’s house.  Amongst them were some old photos, so I scanned them and put them into my flickr account for prosperity.
Let’s work in reverse chronological order shall we:
First up we have me with 3 of the boys from the band Taxiride, this could’ve been around 1999.
taxiride promo
From the left: Tim Wild, me, Jason Singh and Dan Hall.  Missing was Tim Watson.
I used to go see Tim and Jase play in their respective coverbands for a long time before they became “famous”.  It was hilarious to see the way young girls and sometimes women would throw themselves at the boys and make complete fools of themselves screaming and carrying on.  Slightly scary really.  I wasn’t a huge fan of their music, but I still have all their albums.  A bit too pop for me but nice nonetheless.
Next up is Damien Martyn, ex Australian Cricketer and myself in the practise nets at the MCG
Damien Martyn & I
This was when he was playing for the W.A. Sheffield Shield team, from memory not long after he was first selected.  It was probably around 1993.  Belinda, who took the photo, and I used to go regularly to the games, my Dad could get us free entry so we took advantage of that.  I wanted my pic taken with Marto and the boys got us to come inside the nets to have a chat and have our pic taken.  Justin Langer was having batting practise and he slogged a few balls in our direction, laughing madly! 
The last pic and probably one of my fondest memories is that of myself, Darren Lehmann and Belinda.
Belle, Boof & I
Obviously this was taken in 1992 and it was at the Junction Oval.  I was all of 17 in this picture!  Darren and I went on to become friends and we still keep in contact from time to time.  Hopefully I’ll get to catch up with him at this years Boxing Day Test if he’s over.  The Junction Oval was a brilliant venue, fans could get close to their cricketing idols and hang out.  I have fond memories of Simon O’Donnell throwing grapes at us and Merv Hughes being his typical ratbag self.  Also of a young larrikin by the name of Shane Warne, though I never was a big fan of his.
Anyway, it’s been a lovely week.  Last night I went to my sister’s and we headed over to a BBQ at our old neighbours house.  I’ve known Aaron since the day he was born!  Sue and Peter (his parents) were there, I haven’t seen them since before I went to London, so it’s definitely been a while.  Nothing much changes though.  El gave me the keys to her car and told me to take it home, so I had a pleasant drive back from Sandringham and I now have a car indefinitely, til she comes back from South Africa.
Tomorrow I’ll go to my Uncles for our usual Christmas lunch and eat myself silly and have a lovely catch up with the family.  I don’t mind Christmas.
I hope you all have a wonderful day doing whatever it is you do.  Merry Christmas.

~ by Fen on December 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Memories…”

  1. Best wishes Fen. So what are those red stains on crotches? Fortunate that you have moved on style wise.

  2. Oh, god, I remember the shapeless jumpers and the pale blue jeans. Ooh, and I remember having a long crush on Simon O'Donnell — hurrah!

  3. Ya think I've moved on? I have no style whatsoever!!Simon was a lovely fella, always pleasant to us young lasses hanging about, a good sort to have a crush on!

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