beach days are here again.

After another insomnia plagued night (working overnights has killed my body clock), I finally hauled my arse out of bed and packed the car up for a trip to the beach.
I had debated going somewhere close-ish, Williamstown or thereabouts, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Seaford again.  I haven’t been in 2 Summers, so it was a long overdue visit.  I can’t handle packed beaches with all that noise and movement, I like to have a restful experience.  So I set off around midday, in a black car with no airconditioning!  It was already about 34 degrees so even with the window/s down and the air blowing at me, I was sweaty!  After about half an hour my eyes felt like they’d had the moisture sucked from them.
But it was worth it.  I parked in my usual spot, unpacked all my bits and wandered up the secret path to the beach.  Nothing had changed, my favourite tree was still there and apart from a new fence to keep the rabble off the dunes, everything was as I remembered it.  I put up the sun shade, laid out my beach mat and towel and applied my sunscreen.  Then it was straight into the water, no hesitation.  Lovely.  Instant gratification.  This was repeated numerous times throughout the afternoon, in between snoozes, sandwiches and salt & vinegar chips!  As usual my spot was quiet, apart from the noise from the various watercraft buzzing past.  Boy some of them are noisy.  They should be banned!
aah beach!
At 6pm I tore myself away from the beach as I had promised my Nanna I’d drop in on the way home.  As always it was lovely to see her and she loaded me up with a tonne of home made foodstuffs.  I love my Nanna’s awesome cooking skillz!
Now it’s back to the concrete jungle, but boy do I feel rejuvenated.  Bring on another night of insomnia *shakes fist*

~ by Fen on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “beach days are here again.”

  1. ah the ti-tree at Seaford foreshore.It was dense and popular late at night in the summer of 1947 when I was conceived there in the wide spacious backseat of my grandfather's 1928 Tourer car.I notice in your profile you like good earphones – those green ones we always see on pilots are by David Clark and cost $1000. Swarovski make glittery sparkly onesfor groovy girls – just guugle it … mwah mwah

  2. Sun, sand, surf, salt & vinegar chips sambos and a snooze. It doesn't get much better than that!

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