whitegood love

I woke up at some early hour this morning and thought uh oh, ran to the balcony where I knew there was a bucket and upchucked for a bit.  I have no idea what brought this on, other than the fact that when I went to bed the night before I had huge pains in my liver.  Whether the two are related is anyones guess, but it’s not the first time the two have happened within a few hours of each other.  I continued my merry vomiting way throughout the morning.  I was very non compos mentis as well.  I had my shiny new washing machine delivered around 10am and I honestly hardly remember it happening.  I also rang the hospital to find out where my surgeon’s referral letter was and I have absolutely no recollection of what they told me.  I only know I did it as I have my hospital UR number written on a piece of paper, they must have given it to me.  Hmmm.  I tried ringing them back later this arvo when I was a bit perkier, but apparently they shut at 12.30.  Grrr.
Dad dropped by around lunch time, as I was beginning to feel better, so it was lovely to spend a couple of hours with him.
I spent the rest of my day doing washing in my lovely new washing machine and cleaning the house.  I’m not a maid.
whitegood love

~ by Fen on January 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “whitegood love”

  1. Coles-brand toilet paper ("why pay more for everyday basics?") is very basic but lasts forever. I'm astonished, really.

  2. Excellent photo. Could be interpreted many ways.I call it: Insomnia in Symphony No. 5.Good work.

  3. not good news about the spewy-ness and liver pain, Pet.Have a bit of a meeting with the flatmate.. say – "look – only two of us.. you buy, then I buy.. and let's see how that goes.. ya?"Tell flatmate you don't want to keep a roster about shit to do around the house.. but if there is no engagement on their part – you reckon it might be something you have to install.. a roster on the fridge.. [god i hate rosters!]If all else fails.. tell them you have chronic liver pain.. and they are going to have to clean until you feel better.. go the guilt..

  4. RH I don't shop at Coles, it's not within walking distance. But if I am ever there I shall check it out. You're right, I like your photo title, I will change it on my flickr page if you don't mind!Sulky I'm good now which is much nicer. Used to have a roster with my old flatties (both boys) coz they were shite, just can't be bothered with the hassle. He's an adult!

  5. Williamstown Coles had a huge display of their dunny paper last night, truly. Maybe they saw my comment (ha ha).I'm pleased you like the title. Thanks.-Robert.

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