restaurant help please

I’ve been charged with finding a place to eat for 4 different birthdays in a couple of weeks.  Has to be in the city (centralish) and not too expensive, the only pre requisite is it has to be a little bit funky (says the birthday girl). I’m not really up with restaurants in the city, so anyone got suggestions.  There will be about 10 people, possibly more.  No specific food requirements other than no spicy foods.
Answers on a postcard, or in the comments, which let’s face it, is heaps easier.
Thanks lovelies.

~ by Fen on February 14, 2010.

11 Responses to “restaurant help please”

  1. And so has to be of a reasonable size. Not Asian food?

  2. Put the fun into funky by eating at the Spottiswoode Hotel. It's bit out of town, and rather obscure, but anything goes.

  3. Would love to help. But seeing as though I'm in Radelaide…. :o/

  4. forget it, too raw, too genuine: dirt ignorance and a big bottle factory.

  5. Asian is alright, though not sure what everyone else will say Andrew.R.H. it has to be in the city as we have people coming from Flinders, the city is as far as they will go as that's going to be a long enough drive for them!

  6. Well that's alright they can stay at my place.

  7. I did not eat there but joined people afterwards. I can't recall exactly where it was but it was over a verandah on the north side in Bourke Street near Russell Street I think. People liked the food, there was plenty of space and it had a nice ambiance. The people then went onto a show. I am sure I wrote about it. If I could just recall the name of the musical.

  8. Ah well, no spicy food. Rules that place out I think.

  9. never mind the dining place … you have to source four gifts as well. Good Luck.

  10. I like Ants Chinese in china town.. cos.. it is just across the laneway from two groovie bars [Eurotrash being one of them]. It's a bit on the daggy side.. but the food is really good.Ummm.. cheap and cheerful, you can book the upstairs of Salamandar [The Curry Cafe] in High Street Westgarth.. and again.. across the road from funky bars.The Builders Arms dining room is pretty speccy now.. on Gertie Street.They have pretty wallpaper and mirror balls..

  11. Yeah Ann, that is def a bigger dilemma.Sulky, some good suggestions there, have settled upon Mecca Bah in Docklands. Can't wait.

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