Google Maps FAIL

If I enter my home address into Google Maps, it shows it fine.
If I then ask for directions from my address to somewhere else, it then tells me that MY street has relocated to Holden St, Fitzroy.
Just a tad annoying really.
A on the map is the WRONG address
B is my destination
C is my actual address
See, just a bit of a difference.
This has only changed recently, ie in the last couple of weeks and I have no idea why.  One of the girls at work said that the same thing happened to her, that she’d been relocated too.
Very odd.


~ by Fen on February 15, 2010.

16 Responses to “Google Maps FAIL”

  1. bored much? Do your job apps

  2. ha ha ha but I am, I am. I'm seeing how far jobs are from my house!

  3. No way! have you notified google maps to tell them of the error?How wrong…

  4. DON'T put your address on this bloody internet!

  5. Ute, nah I haven't, wasn't sure how to go about it!!R.H., it's not my exact address and it's a long street, good luck someone trying to find me.

  6. Long street, small world; and you, a little baby.You've no idea how easy it would be.

  7. ah vey, that's the chance you take isn't it. You planning on stalking me then?

  8. You're keen to be found.Stop it, you'll make me laugh, a Peeping Tom never has to travel far -fortunately, with public transport so bad- plenty of good viewings around here.-Robert.

  9. i think my peeping toms would be very disappointed, plus with the hours they'd have to keep, exhausted lol! Besides, if they can get past the mafioso over the road then good luck to them!!

  10. Not saying you aren't a good looking bird -you are, from a very good looking family.(Gangsters? Golly. Now I'm worried)


  12. ooh kiki you can be my new stalker!!!

  13. ha, funny you mention that… i actually knew where you lived ages ago

  14. I burnt past her place last night in a TR4.I'll pop in soon.

  15. Holy shit, we're like, almost neighbours.Actually, not even close – but I'm on the highlighted route between your Google-provided 'alleged' address and your destination, so not too far away really.

  16. YAY, you can stalk me too!

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