So far today I have cooked 2 batches of sausage rolls, 2 quiches and spinach & ricotta canelloni. I still want to make a chicken and mushroom pie.  That will have to wait.
I’m sure my cuisine won’t win awards or accolades from Manu or Peter, but it’s delish and at least now I have a freezer full of stuff to choose from.
I’m starting overnights permanently soon, so the more organised I am the better.
By far the worst thing about cooking is having to do the dishes afterwards. Oh and the fact that no matter how careful I am I always end up burning at least one finger on the oven! Dunce!

~ by Fen on February 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “masterchefen”

  1. "Masterchefen" Lol, gold.Mmmm…sounds all good to me.I'm gonna bake an 'Impossible Pie' some time today. Baking isn't one of my favourite things now days, but once I get into it, I'm ususally on a roll, and will bake my lil' ass off! :o)

  2. When your freezer overflows there's always room in my tum to store those delish sounding creations 😉

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