dinner, jobs and cars

We had a lovely dinner last night at Mecca Bah.  It is always lovely to catch up with my family and my pretend family & last night was no exception.
I was mostly impressed with things at Mecca Bah, with a few notable exceptions.  The table top was so sticky that our glasses actually stuck to the table and took a bit of force to pick them up! Some of the wine glasses themselves were quite filthy, mine looked like someone had just wiped a cloth in it and had spread the yuk around the glass. Thankfully I stuck to water and didn’t require the glass.  I ordered the char grilled calamari and it was the single most saltiest meal I have ever tasted in my life (and I am a salt freak, love salty foods). There was nothing else in that dish that cut through the saltiness, so after a few mouthfuls I was gagging for water and had lost my appetite.  My meal had a wedge of lemon to garnish the calamari with, however this lemon looked about 5 days old, withered and with hardly any juice, others also complained of the same thing.  It’s the little things. This was a shame as everyone else seemed to be quite pleased with their meals.
My sister and her partner have decided to sell both of their cars before they head to South Africa, so that means I will be carless shortly.  I really need to see if I can get a loan from somewhere as I think I am going to need a car in the future.  A lot of the jobs I am applying for aren’t necessarily central to public transport, or require you to travel to clients, so I might have to bite the bullet.  It might also mean changing to part time as opposed to casual at work.  *shrugs*  I hate dealing with banks, they needlessly scare me, but there’s no way out of this one.  Bugger.  I could by my sister’s partners car, it’s not bad at all, but it’s a medium sized sedan and ideally I’d like a little zippy car, like I used to have.   

Anywho, I agreed to work 4 hours this evening, then I’m back on overnights. I guess I’m really gonna need the cash huh.  One of the jobs I applied for I got an email saying I was unsuccessful… no interview, nothing. I’m kinda surprised about that as I had loads of experience and would have thought I would’ve at least got an interview, but then again it was in a school and often those jobs have incumbents in them, they’re legally required to advertise them.  Meh.  Something will come up some day.

~ by Fen on February 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “dinner, jobs and cars”

  1. That was where my sister and her g/f went for their anniversary dinner. They liked and cocktails were cheaper than wine. Buy your sister's car. It will be cheap and with easy repayments. Zippy cars are for young female P plate drivers who 'zip' suddenly from one lane to another. South Africa..interesting.

  2. I can't afford to buy my sister's car, I'm on a very limited budget having been a student for 4 years! I just want something basic, I won't be using it a great deal.

  3. fen honey.. get over the bank fear and get into the mindset that they are working for you.. you tell them what you want – not the other way around. I have a mass of years of bank fear behind me and it didn't do me any favours. My neph was a manager at Mecca Bah for 3 years.. he's just left there though about 9 months ago. It sounds like a shit dinner – I hope you mentioned something to staff..???x sulks

  4. Sulks it wasn't a completely shit dinner and I was having such a good time with my family that I couldn't be bothered complaining. If I went again and things were the same I'd definitely say something however.

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