Stormy Weather – aka the BEST storms in years!

After doing an overnight shift I wheeled my bike out into the oppressive morning air.  It was cool, but the humidity was high, leaving a wet sheen on any car parked out in the open.  I stripped back down to my tshirt and pedalled off into the morning.  By the time I’d ridden the 20 minutes home I was sweating like the proverbial!

I jumped into the shower, then bed, and was asleep just after 9.30am.  I woke up around 2pm to hear thunder rolling about in the distance.  I peeked out from under my eye mask (imperative for those who have to sleep during the day) and saw that there were dark, dark clouds blowing over from the west.  Despite only having just over 4 hours sleep I rolled out of bed and grabbed my camera.  Tamika followed me and we sat watching the events unfold.

Tamika & I await the storm!
There was plenty of lightning and I could hear what sounded like a hurricane approaching.  I grabbed the cat and threw her inside, took anything that might blow away and shut the doors to the house.  The storm hit with such force… we had hailstones the size of large marbles.  I was worried our skylight would smash, but thankfully it didn’t hail for long.  Elsewhere in Melbourne they had hail the size of cricket balls. 
(I thought I got this pic from the Leader News site, but now I can’t find it)

A friend of the family has a house in Rowville and a lot of her windows were smashed & their cars were damaged by the hail. We just had rain, effing sh*t loads of it.

From A Balcony Series - Armageddon

I attempted to go back to sleep, but we had 2 or 3 more storms roll through and I didn’t really sleep at all.  When I got up again there was a fire at a carpet factory on Sydney Rd and the trams were not running.  The trains were also up the sh*tter due to the roof at Southern Cross station having a waterfall cascading down from it.  So thankfully one of my lovely colleagues was able to drive me to work, or I’d have been riding in the rain and debris.
And boy was there a lot of debris.  You could tell how severe the hail had been by how much vegetation was now strewn around on the ground.  Along Royal Parade the ground was thick with leaves and small branches.  I was once again glad for the lift into work, dodging that stuff on a bike can be hard work.  It reminded me of a day years ago, when I was house sitting the property next door to my parents house.  It was mid January and it had been hot for days.  We had a localised storm that ripped through a handful of properties, dumping so much hail that it was still on the ground 3 days later.  That day we’d had torrents of water flowing down the hill and through the roof & the trees had been stripped almost bare.  I have film pictures somewhere at home, I remember running about in my bare feet, with the camera, freezing to death in the hail!! 
I so love the power of nature.  It reminds me how fragile we really are.  How easily our world can fall apart at the hands of storms, earthquakes and so on.

~ by Fen on March 6, 2010.

9 Responses to “Stormy Weather – aka the BEST storms in years!”

  1. I can hardly wrap my mind around the size of that hailstone, a direct hit of one of those is enough to knock anyone unconscience – eeeek! I shall never moan about our weather again..

  2. I saw hailstones the size of marbles. News said in Ferntree Gully, size of golf balls. I was doubting, but then I saw photos of smashed glass.

  3. Yeah you're right Shrinky, I wonder how many people sustained injuries from that hail!Those pics are pretty impressive Andrew, very annoying for those with smashed up things though.

  4. Holy crap! Big enough hail?!LOVE the first photo of the kiTteh!We finally got some rain here too yesterday. Brilliant. No stroms or anything like that, but good, decent soaking rain. Yay!I'm hoping it's the start of things to come, and we can say "Bye,bye" Summer!

  5. Stunning photos, and I love Tamika's lassez faire attitude in the picture!We were lucky in the boondocks to have just good, soaking rain without the destruction.

  6. I've recently discovered your blog. I too am in Brunswick – and I note your interest in photography..? I'm still relatively new to Melbourne and keen to meet people with similar interests.. I didn't find an email address, but if you'd like to dop me a line, my email is (I hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish hehe).Oh, and by the way – you sound like a very brave person, inspirational!Ciao,Little Red.

  7. looks like you've got a date (if yo want)!!

  8. Little Red, I will get around to emailing you, I promise. I work night shift and my body clock is seriously stuffed, I feel like I can't string more than 3 words together atm.Kiki 🙂

  9. No wuckers Dear.And – date??? Kiki is funny hehe…LR

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