sleep deprivation

I worked 4 nights this week and I still haven’t got my schedule sorted out.  If I come home and sleep after my last shift I then can’t sleep that night and it puts me out the rest of the week til I start work again.  So maybe next week I’ll try staying awake.  Not sure if I can do that either, old age ‘n all!  I worked Monday, so public holiday rates yay me.
I’m looking to buy a new car, well new/second hand/whatever.  I want something little and I’m going to consolidate and pay off my credit card and another debt I have.  I will get a second hand Yaris or a new Getz or something little, only thing with the Getz is the standard model is lacking in ABS and ESP. Anyhoo, has to fit my limitedish budget.  Hmmm. Too much for my sleep deprived brain right now.
I woke up from my one hours worth of sleep last night with a massive cramp in my calf, as a result I’ve been limping like a pirate all day long.  It hurts like a mofo.
What a boring entry.

~ by Fen on March 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “sleep deprivation”

  1. Hey, wake up, (poking you with a stick) take some caffeine and read your darn comments, will you? (Wink)Ah, poor hon, the joys of shift work, 'taint natural, is it? Hope your body adjusts soon. I keep putting off trading in our old car for something semi-decent, there are far too many scratches and dents to fix first.. sigh.

  2. *pokes back*Nah it's not natural, but I prefer nights! I just gotta find some sort of balance that works I guess.The more I read about cars the more confused I get. Maybe I'll buy a scooter instead 😉

  3. You had a holiday Monday too? What was yours for? Ours was for a stoopid horse race….go figure. :o/Commiserations on the sleep deprivation. It totally fucked up Mboy's time clock. THose little cars seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper, don't they?

  4. Yeah Ute ours was a Labor Day holiday, I've never bothered to understand what it's for other than the fact we get a holiday!!

  5. Look out… car nerd coming through.If you're looking second hand a small jigger with ESP might be a bit tricky to find.Your two choices are excellent though, also wirth considering: Honda Jazz and Ford Fiesta. If you buy anything that is out of new car warranty, add an aftermarket warranty policy (the likes of Swann Insurance offers the best) that way if anything breaks you'll be covered for the out-of-pocketness.

  6. thanks Mutant. The Suzuki Alto any good? They've got a deal going too, but I'm sure I won't get organised in time to take advantage of their one!!

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