Decisions (aka posting to reduce boredom & hunger)

I feel like I’m fighting off maybe a cold.  Been feeling unwell the past few days.  I’ve drunk so much water today I’m sure my pores will start leaking shortly. Much like the monsters from Waters of Mars.

I’d rather not have a cold if it’s all the same.

So it’s down to the following cars (yes this is a pointless post – I’m waiting for dinner to cook.  I bought a new slow cooker today and OH MY GOD IT SMELLS DIVINE!!!!!)
Toyota Yaris (second hand)
Suzuki Alto (new)
Holden Barina (new)
Hyundai Getz (new)

Decisions decisions.
I wish my roast beef would hurry up, I’m positively drooling all over the place right now.  Give me 5 more minutes and I’ll have lost my appetite completely.  I’ve been going through a phase, well for months now, whereby I get hungry but absolutely nothing appeals to me. It’s really frustrating because it means I’ll stand in front of the fridge or pantry and everything in it seems bland and meh.  I’ve lost my food mojo.
Aaand there it is, I now feel nauseas and don’t wanna eat anymore. Back at work tomorrow so at least I’ve got a few days worth of yummy food to eat then.  I might go watch some tv.
UPDATEOODLES: I just had some of the beef on a sandwich and OMG it’s so divine. I used the juices for the gravy and it’s the most mouth melting stuff ever. Yay for having an appetite again.  Still feel slightly wrong, my neck feels odd and I have a slight sniffle.

~ by Fen on March 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Decisions (aka posting to reduce boredom & hunger)”

  1. Grinning, I don't think you realise how funny you are..! Oh, and send the roast beef on, criminal to waste it, eh?

  2. Ha ha none of that is funny… is it!

  3. Since you asked….ah, you didn't, but I would go for the Yaris.

  4. Andrew if I had the extra $5K I would definitely get a new Yaris.

  5. A roast, how nice; Sunday afternoon in the suburbs. In Geelong today I was offered a BMW Z3 Roadster, gratis (I swear to God). It's dark blue and in a showroom, just down from Kardinia Park.

  6. is the hyundai the cheapest? they're just as good as toyota now. they've really improved their quality. Suzuki's are also renowned for quality (i've got one, it's awesome).my mechanic tells me the small holden's keep him in business

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