testing, testing

The long awaited hospital appointment with my surgeon rolled around yesterday.  I’d only had about 3 hours sleep courtesy of working overnight the night prior, so I was feeling pretty average by the time I arrived for my appointment.
The waiting room, which isn’t on the small scale, was absolutely rammed with people.  There are 3 clinics running concurrently on the same day and boy was it busy.  I had to wait nearly an hour and a half for my appointment.  Thankfully I was not in the unfortunate position of one gentleman who, with an arm in a sling, a walking stick by this side and sat in a wheelchair, he’d been waiting FOUR hours to be transported home by the patient transport service.  The public hospital system is so stretched to its limits, it makes me angry.
So I saw the surgeon, I was ready for a fight after my last experience.  However this guy was lovely.  We chatted about all sorts of things and he’s not convinced my tumour is causing me pain, so he’s sending me for an MRI.  Mind you it seems they’ve lost my CT scans, which is a bit pissy. He floated the idea that maybe I have gallstones and that’s what’s causing my pain.  I immediately felt like an old fart, but I’m not convinced.  I guess I’ll find out in a month when I have this MRI.  More waiting, more uncertainty, another freakin problem with my body?  Ah well.

~ by Fen on March 16, 2010.

10 Responses to “testing, testing”

  1. Oh crap, sorry hon, that's enough to get anyone down. Next appointment, make sure you take a protable DVD, a flask of hot cocoa, and your own duvet, eh? Hope it isn't too long before you get some positive feedback and your mind set at ease. All jesting aside, I know how depressing it can be to have your life put on hold at these places, be as kind to yourself as you can manage, no other bugger there will think to be (hugs)..

  2. Yep. The public health system is FUCKED!One and a half hours is pretty good, considering…Hey, that may not be a bad thing if it is gallstones… they can whip those suckers out in a flash! Both my dad and brother had them, and I think my Nan. IS there any history in your family of gallstones? Good luck chick. :o)

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  4. So really you came away no wiser. Must have been disappointing.

  5. Shrinky – I will be taking a cd, apparently they will play you music as you get sucked into the dreaded machine! Thanks for your kind words.Ute – yes gallstones ain't bad, but it doesn't fix the big tumour I still have. Just adds to the collection.Andrew – disappointed, frustrated, confused, feeling like I'm living in a 70 year olds body!

  6. well, in the meantime, try this

  7. Thanks for the suggestion Kiki. I'm on a hugely restricted diet anyway because of other problems and most of those foods I am not allowed to eat, spesh fruit/veg.

  8. Christ on a fricking bike, it never ends for you *big hugs*.

  9. I know this sounds facile, but it's meant sincerely -rent funny movies. Laughing makes endorphins. I can highly recommend NOISES OFF for full-on shreiking laughter. I found it in the weekly section at VidEzy.when all seems hopeless, at least you forget for an hour while watching.Love from me

  10. I had gallstones, nasty little blighters but the pain doesn't start until one wants to leave the nest and then agony doesn't begin to describe it. These days they do keyhole surgery and whack the gallbladder out. I was pleased to ditch mine.

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