oh the scandal

I was given a task/challenge/what’sthewordforit by the ever so lovely Sulky Girl, and after debating with my personalities in my noggin, here are my 7 answers to the scandalously interesting things about me, according to me (they might be plain old vanilla and boring to others, alas, I could care less):
  1. I haven’t had sex in over a year. Probably not scandalous to some, but when you think about it, it’s pretty terrible.  I’m not the sort that needs to wear a bag over my head and all that, but it seems I’m too lazy to bother with chasing anyone for sex.  Over it = asexual.
  2. Back in my really younger years I had an affair with a married man. He left his wife for me.  It’s definitely not something I am proud of (understatement of a lifetime) and as karma would have it, after a few years he cheated on me and I found out when his new plaything was 3 months pregnant.  Looking back and with the hindsight of a counselling degree in my head, he was emotionally abusive and extremely manipulative. It’s any wonder that I don’t do well at relationships now.  Relationwhat?
  3. I took a lot of drugs in my 20’s.  I used to go to dance parties and raves most weekends, sometimes twice in a week.  Mind you, I also went to a hell of a lot of them completely straight, save for a can of V and some chocolate. No regrets there, my dance music days were amazing, I met some wonderful people and experienced all sorts of awesome.  I get sick of people being judgemental about drugs and drug taking.  It’s not black and white and it never will be. 
  4. I’m a control freak when it comes to my own life. To the point where I can’t travel on trains anymore because I can’t simply get off when I want/need. I have huge anxiety problems from time to time, amusing really considering the skills I have. Also another reason why I don’t/can’t do relationships, coz I know I can’t control the other person and that drives me batshit crazy.
  5. As much as I adore kids, I don’t think I’ll ever have them. It’s a feeling in me bones that tells me this. Also see #1, 2 & 4
  6. I hate my job, really hate it, but the money’s good. My counselling degree was the best thing I ever did, however counselling isn’t as established in this country compared with say the UK or NZ. That’s why I’m seriously considering doing my Masters in Social Work, then I could combine the two and get a really good job. Most counselling jobs here seem to be advertised as social work jobs, yet social workers barely have any counselling training. Bit frustrating.
  7. I attract really broken people.  My psychologist from years ago said to me once that I was the type of person who could be in the crowd at the MCG and the most broken people would seek me out, because I am a healer.  I’ve had to learn how to filter such people out of my life (the broken ones, not my psych!). I don’t want to have to counsel my “friends” all the time, that’s what I’m supposed to get paid for (some day).  Sounds harsh, but I have to protect myself from negative energies and people draining my life blood.
Oh it’s been SUCH a long night at work. This daylight savings thing has meant I’ve just lived through two 2ams and I’ve still got 3 hours of this shift to go. I know the money’s going to be an absolute blessing, but boy will I be tired at the end of it.
With any luck I will be picking my new car up this week. I’m really trying not to get excited about it, as it’s been a complete shit fight.  Let me just say this, it’s worth getting your credit file from Veda, because you might just find out, like I did, that there’s stuff on there that’s nothing to do with you, that’s been put on your file mistakenly through someone keying in the wrong number!!!!!!  I’m still waiting for the bank involved to remove the entry.
The pic below is my car, well not my car exactly, but a replica, same colour and all. *wriggles*

Doctor Who is currently screening in the UK and I can’t wait to finally see how Matt Smith does in his new role.  It seems like only yesterday that Harvey and I were bemoaning how long we’d have to wait for the new season and bam, it’s here already.

~ by Fen on April 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “oh the scandal”

  1. Drugs are bad. I must say that. But with a slightly hazy memory, there are very good reasons why they are so popular.What you have written proves one thing, you are human.The car will be great. It has a zippy look to it.

  2. I don't think I know too many people that haven't done some kind of drug. Or experimented with alcahol. It's part of growing up, and it's been the same through the generations… 'aint nothin' to be ashamed of.Geez, hope you get your dream and get the Yaris!!!! So much freedom! :o)

  3. *gasps* How very dare you call me HUMAN Andrew ;)Ute, yeah I can't wait to go visit my Nanna actually.

  4. ooh! the Yaris.. good on you darlin' you need a bit of goodness, hey?

  5. 'No sex for a year', no boasting until you reach 7 years and qualify as a 'born-again virgin'.It's been so long for me that I'm approaching 'Angel' status.

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