Things I have learned today

– that my labret (facial) piercing is well and truly stuck, even a piercer couldn’t get it undone.  Even with a pair of cutting pliers it wouldn’t budge.
– the taste of gloves in ones mouth does not leave quickly, even with food and drink. Ew.
– apparently titanium is okay to go in an MRI machine. Which is lucky because of the above. The hospital will test it when I arrive and make sure it’s okay.  I told them they’re more than welcome to cut it out if need be, I figured they’d have titanium cutting equipment given that they do titanium implants in patients.
– titanium is one of the strongest metals, hence a normal pair of pliers will barely even make a dent in it.  The man at Mitre 10 in Brunswick was lovely and we discussed all sorts of things to do with titanium and the cutting thereof.
– being without piercings makes me feel strangely naked, even when I’m fully clothed.  I don’t like it.
– trying to get into the doctors the day after a 4 day weekend is like winning lotto.  I’m going tomorrow to try and convince the doc that I need valium for the MRI visit.  I honestly don’t think I’ll cope otherwise.  I’ll take my fave CD and hopefully nod off!
– I might will be picking my car up on Thursday. It’s being registered tomorrow registered now and I have the insurance done, just gotta wait for the cheque bank transfer, how very modern!
– YAY roadtrips. (okay didn’t learn that today, but still)
– the boom gates on Hope St are busted… again… and you can’t sneak through when the workmen are there or they’ll glare at you and make you go back and wait with the other plebs (nuh uh wasn’t me, the gates opened just as i arrived, yay me)
– curried egg on fresh bread is om nom nom delish
– the elephants next door mightn’t be too bad. One bought me canoli type sweets coz i warned her that her car was about to drive through their living room. Seems she didn’t put the handbrake on properly and it was inching down the driveway (that’s on an incline) and heading towards their living room!
– i still love the new Doctor Who & Amy Pond.  I’d have a threesome with them!

~ by Fen on April 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “Things I have learned today”

  1. Not you too. I listened to a guy banging on about his titanium watch and glasses today. I am well over titanium. I've got some good bolt cutters. I am sure I will miss your tongue.

  2. My nipple ring has been fused for years – I figure it can just stay put, although I did wonder about the MRI thing should the need ever arise.As for titanium cutting, I was always told that if you broke a finger with a titanium ring on the docs would simply hack the finger off because the ring will stay put. That shit really is too dangerous for some applications. As a result I've now got all the boys at work deathly afraid of what might happen if I catch them wearing jewelry at work.I do hope all goes well for you though – oh, and yay for your hot new car!

  3. I think I left some piercings in during my MRI and the techs said 'Nah, don't worry about it, we'll be just doing your bottom half!' I've done that with a head xray too. I have a funny xray that shows my earrings somewhere! I forget I have so many. I seem normal enough still. :)I thought the MRI was so fascinating. The machine goes round you and whirs, it wasn't clostraphobic for me at all.I'd MUCH prefer an MRI to a pelvic exam any day. I cried when I had one today and I was cringing and saying OW OW OW, the whole time. It was horrible. I should have taken a valium beforehand.

  4. everyday one learns something new!

  5. Sorry Andrew!Mutant, they're welcome to hack my labret off, I know they've got titanium cutters coz they use wire and plates and stuff when they do surgery!Tanya, you very much have to take your piercings out because ANYTHING metallic in that room will shoot towards the machine like a bullet, including anything implanted in your body (it will rip out). Titanium isn't metallic but it can still heat up, so they're going to pay close attention to it when I have the procedure done.

  6. Mmmm, feel like eggs now…..The new Doctor seems pretty awesome (Go Mr Moffat!). He'll never beat Mr Tennant, but he seems really good.Geronimo!

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