car spam

I picked up my brand new car today, so exciting.  I’ve just been sat in it working out where everything goes and all the little bits & pieces that go with it.  The cat’s been helping me too.  She gave the car a kitty inspection when it arrived and told me it passed with flying colours.
Picture 067
My new car came with a free kitty inspector
Unfortunately I’ll only be going from home to work for the next 4 nights, then I might take her out on the open road and go visit my Dad or my Nan or someone.  Wheeeeee!

~ by Fen on April 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “car spam”

  1. Ha,ha…love the cat checking it out for new kitteh smells. ;o)It's so shiny!!!Enjoy! :o)

  2. The way your cat is sniffing at the wheel, I think a dog may have been at the wheel already.

  3. Noice!

  4. …….mmmmmmmmm… car smell……

  5. Go take your Nan for a hoon!Noice, different, unusual. I love it.

  6. It is shiny Ute & when it rains the water beads wonderfully on the paint!Andrew, if that's the case a dog has been all over the car, she's sniffed almost every available inch of it, inside and out!!Thanks Ro, tiz noice!Oh yeah Jen, I can smell it on my clothes, it's awesome!!Cranks I will take her for a hoon, we can put the windows down and turn up the stereo! 😉

  7. Beep-beep! Woo-hoo, you did it, and isn't it smashing (um, unfortunate choice of words, I mean lovely)? There will be no stopping you now (grin). I'm behind on my visits, I'm still in London, I'm just checking in..

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