Birthday week roundup

Okay to start with, here’s a healthy dose of paranoia for ya.
Our toilets here at work have one of those things on the wall that spray a smell that’s supposed to be pleasant, that’s supposed to mask any bad odours.
It freaking well goes off almost EVERY TIME I GO IN THERE!
I walk in and get seated and PSSSSHHHH, off it goes, spraying its stink into the air.
Now I’ve canvassed my fellow colleagues and it sure doesn’t do it to them.  SO WHY MEEEEE?
Do I smell?  Do I smell even before I’ve done anything????  What if I’m just doing a wee?  Is my wee that smelly?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  It makes me giggle like a lunatic, as I’m sitting there doing my business.  Sometimes I’ll even talk to myself about it.  I’m awesome.
So birthday week wasn’t too bad.  I attended two comedy festival events this week.  Tuesday was Julian Clary @ Hamer Hall.  I met up with Harvey and we had a lovely dinner at Bear Brass restaurant in Southbank.  I made sure I left enough room for their divine carrot cake, I’d had it there some time previously and enjoyed it immensely.  After dinner we ambled up to Hamer Hall and perused the crowd.  There were a LOT of nannas and old people, I was quite surprised.  Given that Clary is 50 himself, I suppose that was to be expected, but I really did expect a younger crowd.  It was a brilliant night, Julian was in fine form with his sexual innuendo jokes, his songs and his awesome humour.  Apparently the lady next to Harvey was a bit naive, asking her husband at one stage what fisting was! LOL!
My actual birthday was Thursday and I woke up quite early for me and discovered that my internet wasn’t working.  My modem wasn’t synching, so I rang Netspace and chatted to some guy for half an hour.  He basically told me he didn’t know what was wrong and that they would ‘test it’ (whatever that meant) and if they had to send someone out it would cost $105 if it was deemed to be my fault.  Pffffft.  He said they’d ring me when they had more of an idea what was going on.  I’ve never received a phone call from them and miraculously (or not) my internet was working again when I checked around 2 in the arvo.  Magic.  I think it was something they did, because the day prior I couldn’t log into my online thingy (technical, i know), it told me i was no longer a customer and then the actual disconnect happened bang on midnight, when my usage was to roll over for the month.  So that’s my conspiracy theory and I’m sticking to it.
Thursday night I went out for dinner with my friend Stu to a funky japanese restaurant whose name escapes me.  Then we went to see Jon Richardson at the Powder Room @ Melb Town Hall.  Another magnificent night was had, with me being the star of the show for the first 10 minutes!!  Luckily I can handle a bit of attention!  Jon is a self confessed perfectionist and hates other people, very misanthropic.  Ooh I wonder why I loved his show so much!!  I’d highly recommend going to see him.
Now it’s back to work and boringness!  Though I did get a nice chocolate cake from my team!  YAY CAKE!
I think I’ll go get my nipples (well at least one) repierced tomorrow.  I keep meaning to go shopping to buy new winter clothes too, but I hate clothes shopping and I can’t find the inspiration!  So lazy.

~ by Fen on April 17, 2010.

5 Responses to “Birthday week roundup”

  1. OK – so Happy Birthday to you! Nipple piercings? OMG! You're getting the back??? Oh noooo! Pain.

  2. Belated birthday wishes to you!I love Julian Clary… he still looks the same too, doesn't he?! Reckon he's had some work done to look that damn good.Heh, internet problems… had my nephew here Thursday night, fixing up the computer, and just as he finished, the internet light went out. I said, "FUCK!" And we stressed over wtf was up until he looked on his iphone and saw that internode had a small outage.But at the very moment?! What a coincidence!Ouchies with the nipple piercings…I've given up piercing, my body seems to reject them now. :o(

  3. Julian is beautiful, and so is chocolate cake! Yay to your team!ISPs suck arse, though I guess Julian could have spoken about that in his show as well.

  4. Meanwhile, for all your paranoia about the toilet smelly thing, I so badly wish we had one of those at work. Working with a bunch of smelly boys as I do, I'd kill for such an item!

  5. ha ha Kez, I'll take a screw driver to work and take it off the wall, you can have it!

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