Okay, who stole the majority of April then?
Blimey, things had better start slowing down or it’ll be Christmas before we know it.  *shudders*
Just ate some of my risotto that I attempted in the slow cooker yesterday, it was delish.  Just a simple chicken & mushroom variety, but it turned out lovely.  Hah just spilled my banana & sustagen smoothie all over my desk, thankfully it missed my keyboard, my phone and my ipod by centimetres!  I’ve been whipping up a slow cooking storm lately.  I made a sausage casserole for freezing & taking to work as well as a beef casserole.  Now that the weather’s gone cooler it’s nice to have something warm and hearty for dinner.  Plus it saves having to think about what to take to work, coz it’s not like anything’s open when I eat around 2am!  
I’ve been watching Masterchef when I can and I’m not as enamoured by this years group so far.  Too many cry babies.  Just cook your f*cking dish and stop blubbering into your ingredients, morons.  Adele and Claire I want to punch in their snivelling faces time and time again. Though I do love Alvin, I hope he goes far.  The hosts annoy me far more this year, George reminds me of Gollum the way he hunkers down and shovels food into his mouth. Matt Preston rolls out the same cliched facial expressions time and time again and the banter between them all seems highly scripted.  I find myself tuning out a lot more than I used to.  Though I did have to laugh at the bogan Kate who cooked a microwave dish for her favourite childhood memory.  Heck, I can’t even remember what I ate as a kid, either that’s alzheimers setting in or I was starved as a child.  Not sure which.
I’m going for my MRI results on Monday and to be perfectly honest I couldn’t care any less about them. I’m half tempted not to go. I’m sick of the whole process and I’d rather be ignorant and try to pretend that I’m just fine.  Which obviously I’m not, I’ve been very tired and have been having burning hands and feet, good signs that my poor liver is struggling under the weight of tumour, but pah.  I’m going to tell my surgeon to suck it up and to do keyhole surgery and remove it!  I’ll tell him that I can be a world first! LOL!  Dreeeeam on!
Okay that got boring. Outta here.

~ by Fen on April 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “whoa!”

  1. Slow cooked meals are the best, aren't they? And yes, this time of the year is my fave…all the curries and stews and soups. Om nom nom. ;o)You go to that MRI missus… don't put it off! Who knows, the surgeon may surprise you and decide to get you in for an op asap! take care of you.

  2. Don't make me come over there and drag you in, by the hair if needs be, for those results! You've done the hardest bit, now go get the all clear, okay?I want me a slow cooker (I'm serious, I have it on my next pressie list, and it's all your fault). When hubby flies out every other week to london, he smuggles my forbidden frozen left-overs with him. If he gets stopped at the airport, they confiscate it (only 'cos they lurves my cookiing, I'm sure). ut he's got it down to a fine art now, freezes it thin and flat, and slips it between his folded clothes (giggle).

  3. Thinking of getting a slow cooker. Had one years ago but not much imagination about using it. Information is power. Best you get test results.

  4. Love slow cooked meals, got more flavour.You'll go get your MRI results, you're not a silly chicky babe ;)WV = spunksh…the sound pumpkin pulp makes when it hits the bottom of the slow cooker šŸ˜›

  5. Is Adele the one with the glasses and short hair? If it is, I keep hoping she'll catch her fingers in the beater.

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