we’ll go dreaming

Isn’t it weird when someone hurls themselves into your dream world after being forgotten in your waking world for years?  When the dream is so realistic  you wake up thinking heck, where’d that come from?  I had a friend years back, we lost contact, he was a lovey guy and now he’s haunting me in my dreams.  It makes me wonder why.  I’ve looked him up on the interwebz, to no avail. I guess I’ll get over it in a week or so!!
THEN, I had a dream last night in which my Nanna died.  It was f*cking awful. The scenario wasn’t dissimilar to that of when my Mother died, good old memory, get a new idea. But I woke up feeling bereft and really out of sorts for hours, I still feel kinda odd thinking about it.  But, I’ll get over that one too.
Oh I forget what I was going to write about next. Work’s been diabolical tonight, well it’s okay now, but earlier…. hah.  I need a nap.

~ by Fen on May 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “we’ll go dreaming”

  1. I am always constantly amazed at my dreams. Yeah, like, how the fark did you manage to pop up in my dream?!I had a real weird one the other night…. Tony Soprano was in it. Why I dreamt of him, is anybodys gues. :o/

  2. Another blogger turned up in my dream the other night and took out my front window and half the wall because she said I didn't have enough light in my life.

  3. Dreams are awesome Ute, a real insight into one's subconscious. Maybe you'd been thinking of mafioso types!JahTeh that's a fascinating dream, I'd have pondered on that for a while!

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