rental shenanigans

We’ve never had a good relationships with our real estate agents – Nelson Alexander in Brunswick, namely because they’re the most shonky agents I’ve ever come across, plus they’re hugely sexist against women.
I had a run in with the “maintenance man” who we know is actually the owner of the property, last Monday.  I was getting ready to go to hospital for my appointment when there was a knock at the door.  It was the “maintenance man” wanting to fix our smoke detector (that broke 5 months ago).  I told him he could take the smoke detector, but as I was going to a hospital appointment, he couldn’t come in to do anything.  Besides which, as usual he’d given none of the required notice.  I handed him the smoke detector and shut the door.  5 minutes later he barged in through the front door, no knock, nothing.  I was furious by this stage.  I approached him and told him that it really wasn’t convenient for him to be here and that I’d prefer it if he came back at a later stage.  As per usual, he swore at me and told me I always was the difficult one.  I retorted that no, I’m not difficult and I know my rights and that he knew he was supposed to give notice before he came to do anything on the property.  Then I slammed the door as hard as I could behind him.
I knew that this would escalate and sure enough at the end of last week we got a letter that they wanted to do an inspection on the house.  We only had an inspection 4 months ago, so I emailed them and said that they were welcome to do an inspection, but not until the required 6 months had passed between inspections.  Now today they’ve sent a letter stating they want to increase our rent by a whopping $347 a month!!!  It’s not until August, but yanno what, they can get effed.  This place is not worth that much & I’m just about ready to move anyway.  I’m going to have to sit down with the flatmate and see if we can work something out, I’m kinda hoping that he’ll think the same way as me.  Who knows huh.

~ by Fen on May 12, 2010.

10 Responses to “rental shenanigans”

  1. total GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!In situations like that it just ain't worth fighting, is it? There is no un-cunting them, unforch.Is the 347 increase within the allowed increase? Ahhhhh what do I know.. move somewhere groovie and far far away from the yucky pricks.. fyi.. Barry Plant Reservoir, our rental agent won Starstruck or something for impersonating Elvis Presley and went to Vegas to perform.. not an endorsement for him, he was a snotty little no clue dickhead.I had to pull the 'tenants rights' line on him a few times.Prick.Hope you come up with a groovie new plan, hon.xx

  2. Wtf?Firstly, yeah….get on to residential tribunal, or whatever it is over there, and they should give you a print out of your rights to that walking in bullshit.Secondly, a rent increase of that stature is bullshit mate…again, ring the Residential tenancies Tribunal, and I am pretty sure you will find that they cannot increase your rent anymore than say, 10% per something or other.As for the 6 monthly inspections…we have one every 3 months! It's bullshit. We too are looking at moving at the end of our lease, or sooner if we can find suitable accomodation.Good luck.

  3. thanks ladies, but to be honest, i'm glad to have an excuse to leave here. I'm sick of putting up with their shit, it's been like this since day one.I know my rights, back to front, I've been a landlord and tennant. I just can't be bothered fighting them, this place isn't worth it. For what we'd end up paying we'd get far far nicer elsewhere and probably better maintained.Just gotta find a way to sabotage the place once we've got our bond back lol!

  4. That's the difference between political correctness and practicality; we'd have sabotaged his head by now.

  5. I doubt if a rental increase of that amount is allowed. Argue the point, get it reduced and then move out.

  6. Nah Andrew, dealing with this lot is like pulling your own fingernails out. I simply don't care anymore, I'll be glad to leave their regime.

  7. If you want to get the happy buzz of endorphins that comes from laughing, phone the RESIV and hear their OGM which says "if you are ringing to complain about a Real Estate Agent in Victoria, we don't take complaints".bwah ha haaa.Read every word of The Tenancy Guide, I had a good result once in The Tenants Tribunal, and I do understand your rage, and your frustration.2. has anybody read the fine print in smoke alarms that says 'when they break they must go to the DHS because of the radioactive part'. they're kidding right?

  8. lol Marshall how do you find out such things, that's awesome, on both counts!!

  9. Nelson Alexander fucked S and I over big time too. I'll tell you about it another day.Good luck with the house hunting.

  10. yeah Tanya I've since read a few articles about them and their dealings with dodgy rooming houses… seems like they're shonky all round.

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