still searching

I haven’t been around the internet much.  Well that’s a bit of a lie, however most of my time on the internet consists of trying to find somewhere to live.  I hate trying to find a new rental with a passion, but not as much as I hate my current agents.  What makes it extremely difficult are the open times.  They’re all during the day on a Saturday or mid week, all when I’m working/sleeping.  I’ve been to a couple, with no luck.  I just don’t know how this is going to happen.
I wish I had someone I could pay to do the legwork for me (yes that’s how desperate I am).
Anyway, i’m sure something will come along, it has to right?
I’m doing 5 nights at work this week, filling in for someone, I can only hope I’m alive at the end of it LOL!

~ by Fen on May 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “still searching”

  1. I SO feel where you're at. It is the most stressful of times trying to find a place. So stressful in fact, that I'm rethinking our tentative moving out of this place. I hope you find something acceptable soon, and that you like. :o)

  2. I would offer as I have free time but I think trolling through opens with the twins could freak a few agents out 😉

  3. fen honey.. something has got to give. I reckon you should take a few days off work and make some 1 on 1 meetings with agents and tell THEM what you need and get THEM to do the legwork for you.Have you tried Flatmate Finders? x sulks

  4. Yeah Ute, I don't blame you. If my agents weren't such expletives I'd suck up the rent increase and stay!Ha ha Michael, they'd LOVE you ;)Kimba yeah I've looked on there, but there aren't many people offering a whole house. I've got a few inspections lined up the next few days, so I'll have to sacrifice some sleep and see what happens! Agents simply don't care coz they know the market is saturated with ppl looking, they open the house for 15 mins and get 20+ people looking.

  5. Have you read every word of the Tenants Guide?Did the owner give you 30 days written notice of rent rise?Is the rise within the guidelines?Have you fallen into the 'monthly tenancy' trap after lease period expired?I got an advocate via the Tenants Union and won in court.Magistrate asked me what I wanted most, I said "to get away from this landlord" and Mag directed that insane landlord repay my bond within 7 days. it cost me nothing except voluntary chocolates for nice Union lady who helped.I put all my belongings into storage and have been house-sitting nonstop for 4 years was meant to be temporary, ha!Of course my cat went into storage on friends farm as well. I see her though.Have you seen the '1-minute Cat version of LOST' it's on YuToobe and hilarious. I found it via Daisys Dead Air blog.

  6. Hi Fen – old reader of Sulky Girl's (wherefore art thou Sulkiest?! are you still blogging?). I have a friend who has just bought a place and will be moving from her rental in a month. It's in East St Kilda. I'd be happy to put you in touch. I'll check back in a day or so.Linda J

  7. thanks for the advice Ann, I don't want to continue living here so I'm not interested in pursuing anything. Besides which I have one free day at the moment and I'm not going to spend it on those w*nkers!!Thanks for your though Linda. I'm actually wanting to move a bit further out, closer to my ageing family.

  8. The rental market continues to be utter madness, and dealing with agents is more stressful than many things. Keeping fingers crossed for you x.

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